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Store & Library Promotion
Monthly Email Promotion to Bookstores & Libraries

Cover•Reads will be distributed by email on a monthly basis to over 400 librarians and 700 bookstore buyers in the Southwest every month starting the last week of the month. Retailers and libraries can order books directly from the distributors or publishers if they are interested. Cost (per insertion): $40 each for one month; $30 each for three (3) months; $20 each for six (6) months

Promotion to Stores & Libraries

Information needed:
Email the following to:

300 DPI .jpeg file (RGB) of book cover at least. 2″ inches tall
Description: (70 word max)
ISBN Price Number of pages :
Subject Category (i.e., Children’s, Fiction, Non-fiction, etc.) (2 max):
Publisher name website email:
Author email: