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New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
Awards by Author, 2007-2016

Abbink, Emily New Mexico’s Palace of the Governors Finalist, 2008
ABQ Area Ext Master Gardeners
Down to Earth: Gardener’s Guide to ABQ Area Finalist, 2007
Abraham & Gonzales
Surprising Cecilia Finalist, 2007
Micaela: Despertaren en poesia Finalist, 2013
Alarcon, Francisco & Odilia G. Rodríguez
Poetry of Resistance Winner 2016
Albion, Michele
Quotable Emilia Erhart Finalist, 2016
Alexander, Francelle
Among the Cottonwoods Winner, 2012
Alexandrov, Boian & Dora
Galactic Legend of Life and Death Finalist, 2016
Allen, John
Me and the Biospheres Winner, 2009
Allred, Sylvester
Ponderosa: Big Pine of the Southwest Finalist, 2015
The Natural History of Tassell-Earred Squirrels Winner, 2012
Alvarez, Terry
Down Riverside Road Finalist, 2016
Alyce, Joanna
Deadmen’s Bells Finalist, 2008
Amsden, Lucia
Breaking Eggs Winner, 2013
Amsden, Tim
Vanishing Point Finalist, 2016
Anaya, Rudolfo
Billy the Kid and Other Plays Finalist, 2012
Poems from the Rio Grande Finalist, 2016
Randy Lopez Goes Home Winner, 2011
The Essays Winner, 2010
The Sorrows of Young Alfonso Winner 2016
Bless Me Ultima Winner, 2007
Curse of the ChupaCabra Finalist, 2013
How Chile Came to New Mexico Winner, 2014
How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico Winner, 2013
La Llorona: The Crying Woman Winner, 2012
The Old Man’s Love Story Winner, 2013
Anderson, C.L.
Developing the Art of Equine Communication Finalist, 2013
Anderson, Mari & Fritz Damler
Plunge: Midlife with Snorkel Finalist, 2015
Andrews, Martha and Richard Melzer
The Whole Damned World Winner, 2009
Andrews, Martha Shipman
Out of the Shadows Winner, 2012
Antreasian, Garo
Garo Antreasian: Reflections on Life and Art Finalist, 2016
Apodaca, Rudy
A Rare Thing Finalist, 2012
Arabica, Ms Coffea
Lady Coffee’s Autobiography Finalist, 2014
Aragon, Carla & Kathy Dee Saville
Dance of the Eggshells Winner, 2010
Archuleta, Ruben
Penitente Renaissance Finalist, 2007
Arellano, Juan Estevan
Enduring Acequias Winner, 2015
Arizona Press Women
Skirting Traditions Winner, 2012
Arizona, Jonah
Sam’s Desert Adventure Finalist, 2013
Armijo, Andres
Becoming a Part of My History Winner, 2011
Family History in the Rio Abajo Finalist, 2014
Armitage, Shelley
Walking the Llano Finalist, 2016
Arnold, Laurie
Hello There, We’ve Been Waiting for You! Finalist, 2014
Ashe, Bonny Gilbert
The Legend Finalist, 2012
Ashman, Stuart
Manuel Carrillo Finalist, 2014
Aston, Dianna Hutts
A Rock is Lively Winner, 2014
Atwill, Douglas
The Galisteo Escarpment Finalist, 2008
Audlin, James David
Circle of Life Finalist, 2007
August, Jack
The Norton Trilogy Finalist, 2014
Auker, Amy Hale
Rightful Place Finalist, 2012
Winter of Beauty Finalist, 2014
Ault, Sandi
Wild Sorrow Finalist, 2010
Ausherman, Stephen
60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque Finalist, 2008
Creek Bed Finalist, 2014
Austin, Rico
Arizona is Where I Live Finalist, 2013
My Bad Tequila Finalist, 2012
Avasthi, Swati
Split Winner, 2011
Averill, Thomas
rode Finalist, 2012
Secrets of the Tsil Café Finalist, 2012
Avery, Kay Beth Faris
Tales from the Trapper’s Trail Finalist, 2010
Avidson, Douglas
Brothers of the Fire Star Finalist, 2013
Avila-Robinson, Graciela
Historias y Reflexiones de Insomnio Winner, 2014
Awalt, Barbe
Don’t Touch This Book! Finalist, 2015
Neighborhood Finalist, 2015
The Basic New Mexico Bucket List Winner, 2015
The Ultimate Hot Air Balloon Bucket List Winner, 2015
The Ultimate Green Chile Cheeseburger Bucket List Winner 2016
Awalt, Barbe & Paul Rhetts
Faces of Market Finalist, 2010
Awalt, Jane
The Stranger Comes at Sundown Finalist, 2008
Azpadu, Dodici
Living Room Finalist, 2010
Babb, Randall
An Introduction to Hunting AZ’s Small Game Winner, 2013
Baca, Ana
Mama Fela’s Girls Winner, 2007
Tia’s Tamales Winner, 2011
Bachelor, David
Dorothea and Preston Finalist, 2014
Bachrach, Arthur
A Life in Full Finalist, 2013
Bacon, Frank
Paintings of Elizabeth Bacon Finalist, 2011
Badal, Joseph
Borderline Finalist, 2015
Death Ship Finalist, 2016
Evil Deeds Finalist, 2013
Shell Game Finalist, 2013
The Lone Wolf Agenda Winner, 2013
The Motive Winner 2016
Ultimate Betrayal Winner, 2014
Baker, Shannon
Tainted Mountain Finalist, 2013
Bakewell, Liza
Madre: Perilous Journeys w Spanish Noun Finalist, 2012
Baldwin, Dan
Bock’s Canyon Finalist, 2016
Sparky and the King Finalist, 2015
They Are Not Yet Lost Winner 2016
Bales, Chandra
Poetry From the Other Side Finalist, 2013
Bales, Fred
Our Sheltered Lives Finalist, 2014
Ballen, Gloria Abella
The Power of the Hebrew Alphabet Winner, 2014
Barber, Christine
The Bone Fire Winner, 2011
When the Devil Doesn’t Show Winner, 2013
Barco, Kathy
READdiscover New Mexico Winner, 2008
Jewels of New Mexico Skies Finalist, 2010
Barco, Kathy & Valerie Nye
Breakfast Santa Fe Style Finalist, 2007
Barrow, Thomas & Kristen Barendsen
Photography: New Mexico Finalist, 2009
Bartlett, R.D. & Patricia Bartlett
New Mexico’s Reptiles & Amphibians Finalist, 2014
Bartlit, John
Regulatory Engineering: Prospectus and Primer Finalist, 2016
Bartlit, Nancy and Everett Rogers
Silent Voices of World War II Finalist, 2007
Bass, Clarence
Great Expectations Finalist, 2008
Bauer, Paul
The Rio Grande Winner, 2012
Baughman, Sharon
Freedom’s Challenges Finalist, 2007
Bauver, Robert
Navajo and Pueblo Earrings 1850-1945 Winner, 2007
Baxter, John
Cowboy Park Finalist, 2009
Beeaff, Dianne Ebertt
Spirit Stones: Unraveling Mega Mysteries Winner, 2012
Bell, Charles
Millenial Harvest Finalist, 2007
Beller, Ken and Heather Chase
Great Peacemakers Winner, 2009
Bellinger, Cindy
Journaling for Women Winner, 2007
Waterwise Garden Care Winner, 2007
Into the Heat, My Love Affair Winner, 2012
Bello, Kyce
The Return of the River Winner, 2011
Bent, Pauline Chavez
Atarque, Now All Is Silent Finalist, 2007
Bentley, Daril
The Long Lake And Other Poems Finalist, 2007
Bergin, Barbara
Endings Finalist, 2008
Berkowitz, Paul
The Case of the Indian Trader Winner, 2012
Berlin, Bruce
Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America Finalist, 2016
Berman, David
George Hunt Finalist, 2015
Bernstein, WM
Sophistication Finalist, 2016
Bertsch, Lisa
Grace Leads, I Follow Finalist, 2015
Beverly, Edward
Chasing the Sun Finalist, 2009
Biderman, Stan
Bullet Trains to Yaks Finalist, 2011
Biggers, Ashley
100 Things to Do in ABQ Before You Die Finalist, 2015
Bingham, Sallie
Cory’s Feast Winner, 2007
Nick of Time Finalist, 2007
Bishop, Melanie
My So-Called Ruined Life Finalist, 2014
Bisney, John & J.L.Pickering
Moonshots & Snapshots of Project Apollo Winner 2016
Spaceshots & Snapshots of Projects Mercury & Gemini Winner 2016
Bjorkman, Lauren
My Invented Life Winner, 2010
Black, Bonnie Lee
How to Make an African Quilt Finalist, 2013
Black, Uyless
The Light Side of Little Texas Finalist, 2012
Blackburn, Alexander
The Voice of Children in Apple Tree Finalist, 2015
Blackwell, Shirley
Already There Finalist, 2012
Ditchbank Diaries Finalist, 2013
Blake, Michael
Indian Yell Finalist, 2007
Blake, Roger
Ramjet: My Secret Life with PTSD Finalist, 2013
Blakemore, Sally
Human Beings Finalist, 2014
Blanchard, Mary
What Shall I Call You? Finalist, 2015
Blea, Juan
49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction Winner 2016
Bloomfield, Susanne & Eric Reed
Adventures in the West Finalist, 2008
Bock, Kris
Whispers in the Dark Finalist, 2012
Bodin, Joanne
Walking Fish Winner, 2011
Piggybacked Finalist, 2012
Boeholt, V
Burton the Kind Scarecrow Finalist, 2013
Boggio, Sue & Mare Pearl
A Growing Season Winner, 2013
Sunlight & Shadow Winner, 2014
Boggs, Johnny
Camp Ford Finalist, 2007
Doubtful Canyon Finalist, 2008
Northfield Finalist, 2008
Bolinger-McQuade, Ann
Everyday Oracles Winner, 2014
Bommersbach, Jana
A Squirrel’s Story Finalist, 2013
Booker, Margaret Moore
The Santa Fe House Winner, 2010
Southwest Art Defined Finalist, 2013
Booth, Dexter
Scratching the Ghost Finalist, 2014
Bowersock, Melissa
Finding Travis Finalist, 2016
Stone’s Ghost Finalist, 2015
Sonnets for Heidi Finalist, 2016
Boyden, Linda
Giveaways Finalist, 2011
Bradburd, Rus
Paddy on the Hardwood Finalist, 2007
Branard, Lynne
The Art of Arranging Flowers Winner, 2014
Brasch, Jillian
The Last Gifts: Creative Ways with Dying Winner, 2009
Brennan, Janet
A Dance in the Woods Finalist, 2015
Bridges, Clint
Spirit Wisdom for Daily Living Winner, 2015
Brill, Michael
Numerology for Healing Winner, 2009
Brown, Candla, Schwartz, & Warren
Fixed and Free Poetry Anthology 2011 Finalist, 2012
Brown, Cindy
Taos Hiking Guide Winner 2016
Brown, Corinne Joy
Hidden Star Winner 2016
Brown, David
Bringing Back the Game: AZ Wildlife Mgmt Finalist, 2013
Brown, Lando & Dawn Phillips
Red Candy Caboose Finalist, 2010
Brown, Wynne and Reed Peters
Cave Creek Canyon Finalist, 2015
Bruce, Hank
Peace Beyond All Fear: Tribute to J. Denver’s Vision Winner, 2008
Gardens for the Senses Finalist, 2014
Bruce, Hank & Tomi Jill Folk
Along the Garden Path Finalist, 2011
Miracle of the Moringa Tree Finalist, 2011
Stasha Dog’s Secret Dream Winner, 2011
Windowsill Whimsy Winner, 2009
Brunson, Richard
Irby Brown Winner 2016
Bryan, Howard
Santa Fe Tales & More Winner, 2010
Bsumek, Erika Marie
Indian-Made Winner, 2009
Buchanan, Michele
Scota’s Harp Finalist, 2016
Buchheit, Mike
Going to the Grand Canyon Finalist, 2012
Buckley, Kate
Choices Finalist, 2009
Budden, Diane
The Un-Common Raven Finalist, 2013
Buffington, G.N.
Apache Casino Winner, 2007
Bullis, Don
Bull’s Eye Finalist, 2007
Duels Gunfights & Shootouts: Wild Tales Finalist, 2010
New Mexico & Politicians of the Past Finalist, 2009
New Mexico: Biographical Dictionary Vol. I Winner, 2007
New Mexico: Biographical Dictionary Vol. II Winner, 2008
New Mexico Historical Biographies Winner, 2012
New Mexico Historical Encyclopedia Winner 2016
New Mexico’s Finest Finalist, 2010
The Old West Trivia Book Finalist, 2009
UNSOLVED Winner, 2014
Bullis, Douglas
America-America When Will You See? Finalist, 2008
Burch, Jack
The New Trinity Winner, 2011
Burckhalter, David
Baja California Missions Winner, 2014
Burk, Martha
Your Money and Your Life Winner, 2008
Burke, Flannery
From Greenwich Village to Taos Finalist, 2009
Burns, Cherie
Searching for Beauty Finalist, 2013
Burr, Baldwin
Belen Winner, 2014
Burr, Sherri
A Short & Happy Guide to Financial Well-Being Winner, 2014
Bushmire, Dave
Bell County Bushwhackers Winner, 2008
Butcher, Tami
My Bonus Mom Finalist, 2012
Butel, Jane
Real Women Eat Chiles Finalist, 2007
Butterfield, Mike
New Mexico’s High Peaks Finalist, 2015, 2016
Caffey, David
Chasing the Santa Fe Ring Finalist, 2015
Frank Springer and New Mexico Finalist, 2007
Caldwell, Clifford
John Simpson Chisum Finalist, 2011
Calhoun, Calhoun & Hamory
Yoga for Kids to Teens Finalist, 2009
Calvert, Ellen Hasenecz
Nine Goldfish in David’s Pond Finalist, 2014
Campbell, Liza
The Dissemblers Winner, 2011
Campbell, Suzan
Landscapes of New Mexico Finalist, 2007
Cardenas, Ed
El Legado Finalist, 2016
Lovito Learns About Generosity Finalist, 2015
Carl, Glenys
Hold My Hand Winner, 2007
Carlson, Jack & Elizabeth Stewart
Superstition Wilderness Trails West Winner, 2012
Carlson, L Phillips
A Matter of Possession Winner, 2015
Carpio, Myla Vicenti
Indigenous Albuquerque Finalist, 2012
Carrier, Roger
Finding Sagrado Winner, 2014
Carrillo, Charles
Saints of the Pueblos Winner, 2008
Carroll, Christine
The Senator’s Daughter Finalist, 2008
Carter, Bill
Boom, Bust, Boom Winner, 2013
Carter, Mary E.
A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikvah Winner 2016
Carter, William
Indian Alliances and the Spanish in the SW Finalist, 2010
Cartron, Jean-Luc
Raptors of New Mexico Winner, 2011
Casale, Gloria
Bioterror The Essential Threat Finalist, 2016
Casey, Clyde
New Mexico Cuisine Winner, 2010
Red or Green: New Mexico Cuisine Winner, 2008
Cash, Marie Romero
Lowrider Blues Finalist, 2009
Santos, A Coloring Book Winner, 2009
The Mariachi Murder Finalist, 2016
Tortilla Chronicles Finalist, 2008
Treasure Among the Shadows Finalist, 2013
Casselle, Tania
Insiders Guide to Albuquerque Finalist, 2011
Castaneda, Eliza Cross
Family Home of the New West Finalist, 2007
Castle, Luanne
Doll God Winner, 2015
Cervantes, Jennifer
Tortilla Sun Winner, 2011
Chamberlain, Kathleen
In the Shadow of Billy the Kid Finalist, 2014
Chanda, Val
Zorn and Grayall Encounter the Elements of Murder Finalist, 2016
Zorn and Grayall Find Murder By The Way Finalist, 2015
Chase, Melvyn
The Terminal Project Finalist, 2007
Chavez, Denise
The King and Queen of Comezon Winner, 2015
Chavez, Michael
Creed Finalist, 2012
Haze Finalist, 2013
Chávez, Nicolasa
A Century of Masters Winner, 2009
Chavez, Ronald
Time of Triumph Finalist, 2008
Winds of Wildfire Finalist, 2011
Chavez, Thomas
A Moment in Time Finalist, 2013
Cheasebro, Margaret
The Healing Tree Finalist, 2015
Chernoff, Seth David
Manual for Living Winner, 2011
Chesser, Barbara Russell
Remembering Mattie Finalist, 2008
Chevalier, Jaima
La Conquistadora Finalist, 2011
Chodosh, Janie
Death Spiral Finalist, 2014
Christmas, Henrietta & Patricia Rau
Probates & Wills, Santa Fe, New Mexico Finalist, 2012
Church, Peggy Pond & Charlie Carrillo
Shoes for Santo Nino Winner, 2010
Cillis, Daniel
Statehood of Affairs Finalist, 2012
Cirillo, Dexter
Southwestern Indian Jewelry Winner, 2008
Clagett, Thomas
West of Penance Winner 2016
Clark, Paulle
Wolf Song: A Love Story Winner, 2009
Claussen, Catalina
Diamonds at Dusk Finalist, 2016
Clavel, Claudia
Accidental Anthropologists Finalist, 2015
Cleere, Jan
Never Don’t Pay Attention Winner 2016
Levi’s & Lace: AZ Women Who Made History Finalist, 2012
Clifford, Frank
Deep Trails in the Old West Winner, 2012
Cline, Mary Kay
Albuquerque: Portrait of a Western City Finalist, 2007
Coates, Karen
This Way More Better Things Winner, 2014
Coates, Karen & Jerry Redfern
Eternal Harvest Things Finalist, 2014
Cobb, Thomas
With Blood in Their Eyes Finalist, 2013
Cobos, Evelia
I Fought & Believed Finalist, 2016
They That Laugh Win Finalist, 2010
Coggeshall, Nancy
Gila Country Legend: Life & Times of Quentin Hulse Winner, 2010
Coggins, Natalia Medina and Kip
I’m Not On A Diet Finalist, 2011
Coke, Allison
Sing Finalist, 2012
Colenda, Brinn
Chita Quest Winner, 2014
Coley, Mary
Ant Dens Finalist, 2015
Beehives Finalist, 2016
Cobwebs Finalist, 2015
Collins, Jane
New Landscapes of Inequality Finalist, 2008
Collins, Richard
Riding Behind the Padre Winner, 2015
Colwell-Chantaphonh, Chip
Living Histories: Native Amer & SW Arch Finalist, 2011
Comis, Anna & Isabel Comis Degenaars
Casada Finalist, 2016
Conkling, Mark
Dog Shelter Blues Finalist, 2013
Killer Whale Blues Finalist, 2014
Conoway, Patricia
Listening with My Eyes Finalist, 2016
Cook, Lurie, & Polese
The Book of Kindness Finalist, 2008
Cooper, Susan
Football Facts for Females Finalist, 2015
Cope, Denys
Dying: A Natural Passage Winner, 2008
Cordova, Karen
Farolito Finalist, 2016
Corrales Writing Group
Currents, Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology Finalist, 2016
Correia, Dave
Properties of Violence Finalist, 2013
Corriveau, Art
How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get a Life Finalist, 2010
Corwell, David
Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves Finalist, 2007
Daily Flash 2011 Winner, 2011
Dia de los Muertos Finalist, 2011
Many Genres One Craft Finalist, 2012
Costales, Amy
Abuelita Full of Life Finalist, 2007
Cottam, Erica
Hubbell Trading Post Winner 2016
Counsell, Steven Edwin
Illuminations Winner, 2012
Covington, Molly
The Southwest Sunrise Surprise Finalist, 2016
Cox, Patricia Grady
Chasm Creek Finalist, 2015
Coy, Deborah
La Llorona Winner, 2013
Coy, Deborah Woodside
Bubblegum Box Finalist, 2014
Cozzens, Gary
Nogal Mesa Finalist, 2011
Crawford, Stanley
The Canyon: A Novel Finalist, 2016
Crews, Carole
Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints & Preservation Finalist, 2010
Cross, Mark
Encyclopedia of Santa Fe Finalist, 2013
Crossquarter Publishing
CrossTIME Vol VI Finalist, 2008
Crowder, Les & Heather Harrell
Top-Bar Beekeeping Finalist, 2013
Crowlie, Colleen & Cado Daily
Step by Step: Beautiful Bisbee Plants Winner, 2015
Curtin, Rich
Death Saint Finalist, 2016
Dailey, Dan
Seeing the Words Finalist, 2014
Dalfin, Chaim
The Real Shlomo Finalist, 2015
Dallman, Ann
Sam English: Life, Work, & Times Finalist, 2010
Dana Fox
The Burning Man Anomaly Finalist, 2016
Daugherty, Marcy Scott
Know the Mystery Finalist, 2008
Daugherty, Sharleen
Double Doll Finalist, 2014
Literacy Alive Finalist, 2014
Young Voices of Silver City Finalist, 2013
Davis, Cynthia
Rahab’s Redemption Winner, 2007
Mary, My Love Footprints from the Bible Finalist, 2010
Davis, Jerry
Leafing Through My Family Tree Finalist, 2008
Master of None Finalist, 2009
Barns of the Land of Enchantment Finalist, 2013
Michigan Barns Finalist, 2011, 2013
Davis, Marcie and Melissa Bunnell
Working Like Dogs Winner, 2008
Davis, Will
Kincaid Finalist, 2016
Six Points of Death Finalist, 2009
The Ring Finalist, 2012
Day, H. Alan with Lynn Wiese Sneyd
The Horse Lover Winner, 2014
Dearen, Patrick
Bitter Waters: The Struggles of the Pecos River Winner 2016
DeBarbieri, Lili
Sedona Verde Valley Art Winner, 2015
Guide to So AZ’s Historic Farms & Ranches Finalist, 2013
Location Filming in Arizona Finalist, 2014
Dell’Amore, Alexandra
Hush Hush and Other Veneers Finalist, 2014
Deming, Alison & Stephen Strom
Death Valley Finalist, 2016
DeMund, Tom
From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West Winner, 2008
Dennis Jung
Language of the Dead Finalist, 2016
Deveney, Kaylynn
The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings Finalist, 2007
DeWitt, Dave
1001 Best Hot & Spicy Recipes Winner, 2011
Avenging Victorio Winner, 2008
Complete Chile Pepper Book Winner, 2010
Cuisines of the Southwest Winner, 2008
DaVinci’s Kitchen Finalist, 2007
Dishing Up New Mexico Winner 2016
Field Guide to Peppers Winner 2016
Microfarming for Profit Winner, 2015
Popular Plates Fiery Foods Finalist, 2012
Precious Cargo Winner 2016
The Founding Foodies Finalist, 2011
The Southwest Table Winner, 2011
DeWitt, Dave & Lois Manno
Dave DeWitt’s Chile Trivia Winner, 2012
DeWitt, Dave & Paul Bosland
The Complete Chile Pepper Book Winner, 2010
Diaz, Alexandra
Of All The Stupid Things Finalist, 2011
Diaz, Josef
Painting the Divine Finalist, 2014
Dietz, Charlene Bell
The Flapper, the Scientist and the Saboteur Winner 2016
diSuvero, Victor
We Came to Santa Fe Finalist, 2009
Divine, Syra
Syra’s Scribbles Winner, 2008
Syra’s Scribbles II Finalist, 2015
Dix, Catherine Parra
Rosetta Stones Winner, 2009
Dixon, Maurice
Artistic Odyssey of Higinio V. Gonzales Winner 2016
Dodson, Carolyn
A Guide to Plants of the No. Chihuahuan Desert Winner, 2012
Doherty, Nickell, & Orchard
Tres Mujeres al Borde de la Escritura Finalist, 2015
Downey, Nate
Harvest the Rain Finalist, 2011
Downs, Robert
Falling Immortality Finalist, 2012
Downum, Christian
Hisat’sinom Winner, 2013
Drooker, Arthur
Pie Town Revisted Finalist, 2016
Drucker, Malka
Portraits of Jewish American Heroes Winner, 2009
Women and Judaism Finalist, 2009
duBois, Reyn
Reyn’s River Tubing Handbook Finalist, 2012
Dubois, William
Beyond Fingersticks Winner, 2011
Diabetes Warrior Finalist, 2012
Duff, Scooter
A Reluctant God Finalist, 2015
Dugger, Sandy
Editing Life Winner, 2015
Dunaway, David
How Can I Keep From Singing? Finalist, 2009
Duncan, Alice
Fallen Angels Winner, 2012
Genteel Spirits Finalist, 2012
Pecos Valley Revival Finalist, 2011
Dunlap, Mary & Mary Kay Stein
A Life In the Law Finalist, 2015
Dunmire, William
New Mexico’s Living Landscapes Winner, 2012
Dunne, Marita, Miller, Mosher & O’Brien
Bosque Rhythms Finalist, 2015
Dunston, Doug
Windmills Finalist, 2014
Durgin, David with Sherry Robinson
Entrepreneur to Investor the Hard Way Finalist, 2009
Duty, Michael
Western Traditions Winner, 2007
Dyc, Gloria
East West and Beyond Finalist, 2007
Early, Max
Ears of Corn: Listen Finalist, 2015
Eboch, Chris
The Knight in the Shadows Winner, 2010
The Eyes of the Pharaoh Finalist, 2012
Ebright, Hendricks, & Hughes
Four Square Leagues Finalist, 2015
Eckmann, Teresa
Neo-Mexicanism Finalist, 2012
Egan, Martha
Coyota Finalist, 2008
La Ranfla & Other New Mexico Stories Winner, 2010
An Apricot Year Winner, 2012
Eidenbach, Peter
An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps Winner, 2013
Eigner, Janet
What Lasts is the Breath Winner, 2013
Eisenstadt, Melvin
The Dynamite Campaign Finalist, 2007
Eisenstadt, Pauline
A Woman in Both Houses Winner, 2012
Eliav, Danit
Spice Blends: A New Way of Cooking Finalist, 2011
Elya, Guevara
Little Roja Riding Hood Finalist, 2014
Erb, Gene and Ann Dewolf Erb
Voices In Our Souls Finalist, 2011
Eschberger, Beverly
An Elephant Family Adventure: Tour England Winner, 2009
The Elephants Visit London Finalist, 2008
Eschberger, Beverly & Jim Gower
The Elephants in Land of Enchantment Finalist, 2010
Etchart, Martin
The Last Shepherd Finalist, 2013
Evans, Max
Animal Stories Winner, 2014
War & Music: A Medly of Love Finalist, 2010
Evans, Max as told to Robert Nott
Goin’ Crazy with Sam Peckinpah Winner, 2015
Ewell, Bernard
Artful Dodgers Finalist, 2015
Exley, Lynda & Conrad Storad
Arizona Way Out West & Witty Finalist, 2012
Fackler-Sinkovitz, Elizabeth
Grand River Highway Finalist, 2016
Bone Justice Finalist, 2007
My Eyes Have a Cold Nose Winner, 2009
Fanning, Frances
Rhythm of my Heart Finalist, 2012
Farmer, W. Michael
Hombrecito’s War Finalist, 2007
Killer of Witches Finalist, 2016
Feldman, Dede
Inside the New Mexico Senate Winner, 2014
Fenn, Forrest
Historic American Indian Dolls Finalist, 2007
Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch Finalist, 2008
Teepee Smoke, New Look at Joseph H Sharp Finalist, 2007
Fenzl, Barbara Pool
Seasonal Southwest Cooking Winner, 2007
Ferguson, Kathryn
The Haunting of the Mexican Border Winner 2016
Fields, Terri
Tornado Tamer Finalist, 2016
The Most Dangerous Finalist, 2013
FIG Publications
Las Cruces: A Photographic Journey Winner, 2012
Finley, Willa & LaShara Nieland
Land of Enchantment Wildflowers Winner, 2015
Fleming, James
Tengo Sed Finalist, 2011
Fletcher, Harrison Candelaria
Presentimiento Finalist, 2016
Flood, Nancy Bo
Cowboy Up! Winner, 2013
Flores, Carlos Nicolas
Our House on Hueco Finalist, 2007
Foard, Sheila Wood
Harvey Girl Finalist, 2007
Folk, Tomi Jill
Visits with the Old Indian Storyteller Finalist, 2008
Folsom, Tom
Hopper Finalist, 2013
Foster, Barbara Spencer
Fremont F. Ellis Finalist, 2011
Foster, Jerry & Dee Dees
Earthbound Misfit Finalist, 2014
Foth, Mary
The Tree that Barked Winner 2016
Fourier, Aline
Everything I Eat Nourishes Me Finalist, 2013
Fowler, Catherine and Don Fowler
The Great Basin Winner, 2009
Fowles, Severin
An Archaeology of Doings Winner, 2013
Fox, Steve
Odyssey Finalist, 2015
Francis, Reed, & Randles
Max Evans and a Few Friends Winner, 2014
Franke, Lois
J. Frank Torres, Judge and Crusader Finalist, 2008
Frankl, Paulette
Marcel & Me Winner, 2014
Fraser, KJ
A Journey, A Reckoning, and A Miracle Finalist, 2009
Frazer, Marilyn
When Angels Call Your Name Finalist, 2012
Fred Jones Museum
James T Bialac Native Amer Art Collection Finalist, 2013
Friese, Kraft, & Nabhan
Chasing Chiles Finalist, 2011
Galligan, Elizabeth Ann
Secrets of the Plumed Saint Finalist, 2012
Gallion, Teresa
Chasing Light Finalist, 2013
Gamble, Lynn
First Coastal Californians Winner 2016
Garavito, Fernando
Praxis and Ambiguity of the Enemy Winner, 2007
Garcez, Antonio
Colorado Ghost Stories Finalist, 2008
New Mexico Ghost Stories Winner, 2007
Garcia, Anthony
Portal of Light Finalist, 2016
Garcia, Belinda Vasquez
The Witch Narratives: Reincarnations Finalist, 2012
Ghosts of the Black Rose Finalist, 2013
Return of the Bones Winner, 2013
Rise of the Black Rose Finalist, 2014
García, Nasario
An Indelible Imprint Finalist, 2012
Bernalillo Winner, 2014
Brujerias Finalist, 2008
Fe y tragedias Finalist, 2010
Grandma Lale’s Tamales: A Christmas Story Winner, 2015
Grandma’s Santo on its Head Finalist, 2014
Grandpa Lolo and Trampa Winner, 2014
Grandpa Lolo’s Matanza Winner 2016
Hoe, Heaven & Hell Winner, 2015
Rattling Chains & Other Stories for Children Finalist, 2010
The Talking Lizard Winner, 2015
Gardner, Mark Lee
Rough Riders Winner 2016
Garrison, Andrew & Sally Severino
Wellness in Mind Winner 2016
Gassman, Jeanne Lyet
Blood of a Stone Finalist, 2015
Gatuskin, Zelda Leah
But Who’s Counting? Winner, 2010
Where the Sky Used to Be Finalist, 2012
Geiger, Lorraine
Cool Critters Finalist, 2012
Gerson, Mark David
The MoonQuest Winner, 2008
The Voice of the Muse Winner, 2009
Getchell, Kevin
Scapegoat of Shiloh Winner, 2014
Gholson, Christen
All the Beautiful Dead Finalist, 2016
Giannangelo, Frank & Vicky
Growing with the Seasons Finalist, 2009
Gill, Paul & Colleen Miniuk-Sperry
Wild in Arizona: Photographing Wildflowers Winner, 2015
Gillmore, C.L.
A Friend Request Finalist, 2015
Uncommon Bond Winner, 2012
Giomi, Thelma
Winter’s Invitation Finalist, 2016
Weaving the Wind Finalist, 2012
Giorgi, E.E.
Chimeras Finalist, 2014
Glendinning, Chellis
Chiva: A Village Takes on Global Heroin Finalist, 2007
Golden, Renny
Blood Desert Finalist, 2012
Goldfarb, Ann
Light Riders and the Morenci Mine Murder Finalist, 2013
The Last Tag Finalist, 2012
Goldman, Lisa Bear
The Gift of Wonder Finalist, 2015
The Proud Little Burro Finalist, 2012
Golos, Veronica
Vocabulary of Silence Winner, 2011
Gonzales, Felipe
Little Folk Stories and Tales Finalist, 2011
Gonzales, Phillip
Expressing New Mexico Finalist, 2008
Goodman, Tanya Ward
Leaving Tinkertown Winner, 2014
Gordon, Wally
A Reporter’s World Finalist, 2013
Gore, Ariel
The End of Eve Winner, 2014
Gotsch, Connie
Belle’s Trial Finalist, 2011
Belle’s Star Finalist, 2010
Grace, Nicole
Dreaming Bhutan Finalist, 2011
Mastery At Work: 18 Keys for Success Finalist, 2007
Bodhisattva: How to Be Free Finalist, 2010
Graham, Scott
Canyon Sacrifice Finalist, 2014
Grana, Mari
Charity’s Sister Finalist, 2011
Granade, Rafael de
Stillwater Finalist, 2014
Grant, Paige
Kitten Caboodle Winner, 2014
Grasse, David
A Killer is What They Need Winner, 2013
Gravel, Bosley
The Movie Finalist, 2011
Gray, Michael
Asleep at the Wheel of Time Finalist, 2013
Greaves, Chuck
Hush Money Finalist, 2012
Green, Cinny
Backpackers’ Ultra Food Winner, 2014
Green, Cinny & Maureen Burdock
Trail Writer’s Guide Winner, 2010
Greenly, Larry
Eugene Bullard Winner, 2014
Greenwood, Phaedra
Beside the Rio Hondo Finalist, 2008
Greger, JL
Murder. . . A Way to Lose Weight Finalist, 2016
Gregorio, Logghe, & Sagan
Love & Death Winner, 2011
Griego, Marten
Leaving the House of Tears Finalist, 2007
Groves, Melody
Border Ambush Finalist, 2009
Hoist a Cold One: Historic Bars of SW Winner, 2011
Kansas Bleeds Finalist, 2014
Arizona War Winner, 2008
Butterfield’s ByWay Finalist, 2014
Guarascio, Katrina
September Finalist, 2014
Guggenheim & Lucas
Triassic Hall: Building the Triassic Exhibit Winner, 2012
Gulliford, Andrew
Outdoors in the Southwest Winner, 2014
Gutierrez, Donald
Feeling the Unthinkable Winner, 2013
Guyette, Susan
Zen Birding Winner, 2011
Sustainable Cultural Tourism Winner, 2014
Haake, Martha
Erskine Wolf Finalist, 2013
The World Upside-Down Finalist, 2012
Habiger, Geoff
Dinosaur Learning Activity Book Winner, 2010
Hagenbach & Werthmuller
Mystic Chemist Winner, 2013
Haldane, Roberta Key
Goldmining Boomtown Winner, 2012
Hall, Dave & Tim Burkey
Into the Devil’s Den Winner, 2008
Hall, Douglas Kent
In New Mexico Light Finalist, 2008
Hall, Loretta
The Complete Space Buff’s Bucket List Winner 2016
Out of this World: NM & Space Travel Winner, 2011
Space Pioneers Winner, 2014
Halstead, Stephen
Everywhere Spirit Finalist, 2014, 2015
Hamill, Donna
Baskets for Butterflies Finalist, 2015
Hamilton, Kersten
Caleb, Son of None Finalist, 2008
Firefighters to the Rescue! Finalist, 2007
Police Officers on Patrol Finalist, 2009
Red Truck Winner, 2008
Hamm, Ron
Ross Calvin Finalist, 2016
Hammond, Jim
Wines of Enchantment Finalist, 2012
Hampton with Palomeque
Anay’s Will to Learn Finalist, 2014
Harrelson, Barbara
Walks in Literary Santa Fe Finalist, 2007
Harrigan, Matt & Melinda Beavers
The Zoo’s Annual Piggyback Race Winner, 2014
Harrington, Corran
Follow the River Home Finalist, 2016
Harris, Charles & Louis Sadler
The Great Call-Up Finalist, 2015
Harris, Dale
Dream of Dragonfly Finalist, 2013
Harris, Fred
New Mexico 2050 Winner 2016
Harrison, CC
Picture of Lies Finalist, 2013
Hart, Ron Duncan
Sephardic Jews Finalist, 2016
Islam and Muslims Finalist, 2012
Haury, Eric
Edward Bridge Danson Finalist, 2013
Hausman, Sid
Cactus Critter Bash Finalist, 2008
Emus and Owlhoots Finalist, 2011
Hauth, Katherine
What’s for Dinner? Winner, 2011
Hawkes, Marlene
White Feather & Teresita Finalist, 2012
Hayden, Julian
Field Man Winner, 2012
Hayes, Joe
Dance, Nana, Dance Finalist, 2009
Hayostek, Cynthia
Connections Finalist, 2015
Hays-Gilpin, Kelley, Dennis Gilpin
Jeffrey Lunges: Visions of the Southwest Winner, 2013
Heaphy, Mary Lou
A Cliffie Experience: Tales of NM 1902-1940 Finalist, 2007
Hecker, Siegfried
Doomed to Cooperate Winner 2016
Heckes, DJ
Full Brain Marketing for Small Business Finalist, 2010
Heide & McElmurry
The One and Only Marigold Finalist, 2009
Heil, O’Kane, Reeves, & Clifford
Flora of the Four Corners Finalist, 2014
Heller, Douglas
Aloft Finalist, 2012
Heller, Marcy
Paloma & the Dustdevil at Balloon Fest Finalist, 2011
Loco Dog and the Dust Devil in the Railyard Winner, 2008
Loco Dog and Tom Finalist, 2013
Henderson, Charles
Goodnight Saigon Finalist, 2007
Hendricks, Rick
New Mexico in 1801 Finalist, 2008
The Casads: Pioneering Family of Mesilla Valley Finalist, 2012
Hensler, George
Startin’ the Fire Finalist, 2010
Herrera, Carlos
Juan Bautista de Anza Finalist, 2015
Herrera, Lydia
Help! My Child is ADHD Winner, 2014
Herrera, Spencer, et. al.
Sagrado Winner, 2014
Herrick, Dennis
Winter of the Metal People Finalist, 2014
Herrington, Peggy
The Storyteller’s Anthology SW Writers Finalist, 2014
Herron, Gary
Baseball in Albuquerque Winner, 2011
Duke City Diamonds Winner, 2013
Hey, Nigel
Wonderment Finalist, 2013
Heydt, M. Louise
Divine Rainbow Winner, 2007
Hickman, Kirt
Mercury Sun Finalist, 2015, 2016
Revising Fiction: Making Sense of Madness Winner, 2010
Venus Rain Winner, 2010
Worlds Asunder Winner, 2009
Fabler’s Legend Finalist, 2011, 2012
Purple Finalist, 2012
Hickman, Kirt & Steve Barr
I Will Eat Anything Finalist, 2010
Hightower, Gloria
The Shadow Mountain Murders Finalist, 2009
Hill, Joanna
Spiritual Law Finalist, 2015
Hillerman, Anne
Rock with Wings Winner 2016
Santa Fe Flavors Winner, 2009
Spider Woman’s Daughter Winner, 2014
Hillerman, Anne & Don Strel
Gardens of Santa Fe Winner, 2011
Tony Hillerman’s Landscapes Winner, 2013
Hillerman, Tony
A Thief of Time Winner, 2009
Hinton, Lynne
Pie Town Winner, 2011
Welcome Back to Pie Town Winner, 2012
Hirschl, Meta Chaya
Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook Winner, 2010
Hodapp, Patricia
The Complete Santa Fe Bucket List Winner 2016
Hoff, Ann Marie
Animal Lover Finalist, 2015
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue
Sinking Suspicions Finalist, 2015
The American Café Winner, 2012
Holsapple, Bruce
Wayward Shadow Finalist, 2015
Holtby, David
Forty-Seventh Star Finalist, 2013
Holtby, Michelle
Meet My Bipolar Brain Finalist, 2012
Hooper, Kippra & Laurie Churchill
Art of West Texas Women Finalist, 2010
Hoover, Sandi et al
Corrales Writing Group 2013 Anthology Finalist, 2014
Hordes, Stanley
To the End of the Earth Finalist, 2007
Horner-Miller, Larada
This Tumbleweed Landed Finalist, 2016
When Will Papa Get Home? Finalist, 2016
Hotch, Phyllis
3 A.M. Winner, 2014
Houser, Sue
La Conquistadora Finalist, 2012
Howard, Kathleen & Diana Pardue
Over the Edge Winner 2016
Howe, Linda Moulton
An Alien Harvest Winner, 2015
Huckell, Bruce
Clovis Caches Winner 2016
Huggard & Humble
Santa Rita del Cobre Winner, 2012
Hunner, Jon J.
Robt Oppenheimer, Cold War & Atomic West Finalist, 2010
Hunner, Jon J.
Senator Pete Domenici’s Legacy, 2008 Winner, 2009
Hutchins, John
Coronado’s Well Equipped Army Winner, 2015
Idle, Molly
Flora and the Penguin Finalist, 2015
Irish, Mary
A Place All Our Own Winner, 2013
Iverson, Peter
We Will Secure Our Future Finalist, 2013
Izay, Jo Roybal
My El Mochito Sephardim Finalist, 2011
Jackson, Philip
A Spy Wears Two Hats Finalist, 2008
Jacobs, Jessica
Pelvis with Distance Winner, 2015
Jacobs, Linda
Jackson Hole Journey Finalist, 2013
Jacobson, Elizabeth
Her Knees Pulled In Finalist, 2012
James, Don & Karyth Becenti
One Nation One Year Winner, 2010
James, Earl
Bella Coola Finalist, 2012
Jamison, Cheryl Alters & Bill
Tasting New Mexico Winner, 2012
The Rancho de Chimayo Cookbook Winner, 2014
Janowski, Martin
Not Just New Mexico’s Senator Winner, 2010
Jimenez, Stephen
The Book of Matt Finalist, 2014
Johnson, James & Marilyn
DeGrazia Winner, 2014
Johnson, Michael
Sky Land: A Southwestern Cycle Winner, 2010
Johnston, Barbara Rose
Half-Lives & Half-Truths Finalist, 2007
Jones, Darynda
First Grave on the Right Winner, 2011
Jones, Jim
Rustler’s Moon Finalist, 2009
Waning Moon Finalist, 2013
Jones, John Paul
If Olaya Street Could Talk Finalist, 2008
Jones, Scott Archer
The Big Wheel Finalist, 2015
Jupiter & Gilgamesh Finalist, 2014
Jones, Teddy and Sue Jane Sullivan
One Hundred Doses Finalist, 2007
Julyan, Robert
Sweeney Winner, 2012
Jung, Dennis
Still Life in a Red Dress Finalist, 2012
Kagan, Michael
God’s Prayer Finalist, 2012
Kaltenbach, Bart & Barbara Anschel
Sun Sticks & Mud Finalist, 2013
Kandasamy & Smarandache
Algebraic Structures-Natural Class of Intervals Winner, 2011
n-Linear Algebra of Type II Finalist, 2009
Special Classes of Set Codes & Applications Finalist, 2009
Katt, AC
Shattered Glass Finalist, 2011
The Sarran Plague Finalist, 2009
Kattell, Camilla
Youth on the Santa Fe Trail Finalist, 2016
Keegan, Marcia
Taos Pueblo & Its Sacred Blue Lake Winner, 2011
Kelling, Karen
The Comanchero’s Grave Finalist, 2013
Kelly, James
Where Night is Day Finalist, 2013
Kempa, Rick
On Foot: Grand Canyon Backpacking Stories Finalist, 2015
Kennedy, John
Coyote Finalist, 2013
Kerrigan, T.S.
My Dark People Finalist, 2008
Kessell, John
Miera y Pacheco Finalist, 2014
Pueblos, Spaniards and Kingdom of NM Finalist, 2009
Kestell, Vikki
Stealthy Steps Finalist, 2016
A Rose Blooms Twice Growing Up in God Finalist, 2013
The Captive Within Finalist, 2014
Key, Anne
Desert Priestess: a Memoir Finalist, 2012
Kiah, Hope
The Keyword Tutorial Ebook Winner, 2008
Kidera, Robert
Get Lost Winner 2016
Red Gold Winner, 2015
Kilmore, Lynn
Cubicles, Blood, and Magic Finalist, 2015
Soul Cages Finalist, 2014
Kincaid & Kincaid
The Peace and Love Train Winner, 2015
King, Lesley
The Baby Pact Finalist, 2013
King, Nancy
The Stones Speak Finalist, 2009
Kirkel, Mercedes
Mary Magdalene Beckons Into the Heart Winner, 2013
Kirkwood, Catherine
Looking for Tula Winner, 2014
Kiser, William
Dragoons in Apacheland Winner, 2013
Turmoil on the Rio Grande Finalist, 2012
Klages, Ellen
The Green Glass Sea Winner, 2007
White Sands, Red Menace Winner, 2009
Kluckman, Zachary
Some of it is Muscle Finalist, 2014
Earthships: A New Mecca Poetry Collection Finalist, 2008
Knowles, Gerald
COACH Finalist, 2015
Koenig, Karl P.
Fragments: Architecture of the Holocaust Finalist, 2012
Kona-Dovale, Isolde
Tales for Asti Finalist, 2012
Kostecki-Shaw, Jenny Sue
Luna and Me Finalist, 2016
Kotchian, Sarah
Camino Winner, 2015
Kraemer, Paul
Perfect Crystals Finalist, 2013
Krasin, Richard
The Nature of Objects Finalist, 2013
Kresge, Robert
Murder for Greenhorns Finalist, 2011
Painted Women Finalist, 2012
Saving Lincoln Winner, 2014
Kristofic, Jim
Navajos Wear Nikes Finalist, 2011
The Hero Twins Finalist, 2015
Krueger w Grandrud
Addie Slaughter: Girl Who Met Geronimo Winner, 2012
Krueger, Susan
Horrifa’s Magic Makeover: Witch Way Finalist, 2012
Kubota, F.H. & E.A. Galligan
Count on African Animals Finalist, 2015
Kuenzli, David
Diving Deeper Finalist, 2011
Kuligowski, Kate
Our Most Treasured Tails Finalist, 2014
Kunin, David
Beyond the Golden Rule Finalist, 2015
Kutz, Jack
The Wild West Never Died Finalist, 2012
Lacy, Ann & Anne Valley-Fox
Outlaws & Desperados Finalist, 2009
Lainez, Rene Colato
Playing Loteria Winner, 2007
LaMadrid, Enrique
Amadito & the Hero Children Finalist, 2012
Lamberton, Ken
Chasing Arizona Finalist, 2015
Dry River Finalist, 2012
Lane, Jill
Hello Cinder Bear! Finalist, 2008
Travelin’ Jack Winner, 2011
Lodge Lore Finalist, 2014
Meet Me at The Balloon Museum Winner, 2015
New Mexico A to Z Winner, 2008
OsoBear’s Christmas in NM Winner, 2012
Lane, Jill & Marisol Baird
The Adventures of BernCo Bernie Winner, 2015
Lane, Jill & Salvador Saucedo
OsoBear’s Spanish-English Primer Finalist, 2010
Lange, Hieb, & Steele
The Indians of Arizona & New Mexico Finalist, 2010
Lanza, Carmela Delia
So Rough a Messenger Finalist, 2014
Larimore de Lara, Sylvie
Guanacolia Finalist, 2012
Larson, Robert & Carole Larson
Ernest L. Blumenshein Winner, 2013
Lassiter, Karl
Drifter Finalist, 2009
China Jack Finalist, 2013
Lautman, Mark
When the Boomers Bail Finalist, 2011
Lawrence, Adrea
Lessons from an Indian Day School Finalist, 2013
Lawrence, Deborah & John Lawrence
Contesting the Borderlands Finalist, 2016
Leamy, Sarah
When No One’s Looking Winner 2016
Lucky Find Finalist, 2014
Lucky Shot Winner, 2012
Ledford, Deborah
Snare Finalist, 2012
Lee-Miller, Ethel
Seedlings Finalist, 2014
Lee, Wayne
The Underside of Light Finalist, 2014
Lehman, Theodore
Defying Odds Finalist, 2015
Herr Krupp’s Berthawerk Finalist, 2009
Lekson, Stephen
A History of the Ancient Southwest Winner, 2010
LeMay, John
Tall Tales… Billy the Kid Winner 2016
Lenthe, Jean-Vi
Flying Into Yesterday Finalist, 2012
Lester, Stephen
Big Horns Don’t Honk Finalist, 2012
Levering, Donald
Whose Body Finalist, 2008
Levitt, Paul & Elissa Guralnick
Raven Finds the Daylight Finalist, 2012
Lewandowski, Stacia
Light, Landscape & the Creative Quest Winner, 2012
Lewis, Camron
Frankie and the Thompson Traveling Circus Finalist, 2012
Lewis, Nancy Owen
Chasing the Cure in New Mexico Winner 2016
Liberty, Lou & Margy O’Brien
Bearing Witness: 25 Years of Refuge Winner, 2008
Libman, Norma
Lonely River Village Winner, 2014
Libo, Lester
Openings Finalist, 2012
Liddell, Judy & Barbara Hussey
Birding Hot Spots of Santa Fe, Taos, and No NM Winner 2016
Birding Hot Spots of Central New Mexico Finalist, 2012
Liese, AJ
Three Promises for Jane Finalist, 2016
Lightwater, Rheanni
Gifts from the Rainforest Winner, 2010
Reiki Chakra Keys Finalist, 2009
Soul Oriented Solutions Winner, 2008
Lim, Sunamita
Japanese Style Finalist, 2008
Lindskold, Jane
Child of a Rainless Year Finalist, 2007
Link, Martin
Navajo Country Pioneers Finalist, 2013
Lipman, Jane
The Rapture of Tulips Finalist, 2009
On the Back Porch of the Moon Winner, 2013
White Crow’s Secret Life Finalist, 2010
Little, Kimberley Griffiths
Forbidden Winner, 2015
Circle of Secrets Finalist, 2013
Banished Finalist, 2016
The Time of the Fireflies Finalist, 2016
The Healing Spell Finalist, 2010
Littlefield, & Burns
Wildflowers of No & Cent Mtns of NM Finalist, 2015
Wildflowers of Sandia & Manzano Mtns Winner, 2012
Littlefield, Douglas
Conflict on the Rio Grande Finalist, 2010
Loeffler, Jack
Survival Along the Continental Divide Finalist, 2008
Logghe, Joan
The Singing Bowl Finalist, 2011
Londene, Carl & Donna
Call the Vet Finalist, 2013
Longa, Ernesto
Anarchist Periodicals in English Winner, 2010
Longley, Kyle
The Morenci Marines Winner, 2014
Longmire, Sylvia
Border Insecurity Finalist, 2015
Loomer, Jeffrey
Fibromyalgia Finalist, 2014
Lopez, Clarissa
Fisher-Chick Finalist, 2009
Lopez, Kermit
Cibolero Finalist, 2008
Lovato, Andrew Leo
Elvis Romero and Fiesta de Santa Fe Finalist, 2012
Lowney, Bruce
Bruce Lowney Prints & Paintings Winner 2016
Lowry, Jackson
The Sonora Noose Finalist, 2011
Lowry, Joe Dan and Joe P.
Turquoise Winner, 2011
Lucas, Spencer
Dinosaur Century Winner, 2014
Lucero, Thomas and T. Steele
Religious Architecture in Hispano NM Finalist, 2007
Lukacs, Avia & Therese Francis
20 Herbs for Your Wedding Winner, 2015
Luna, Pi & Edward Worden
Life Savings Winner 2016
Lux, Annie
Historic New Mexico Churches Finalist, 2008
Lynn, Diane
The Secondary Target Finalist, 2016
Mac Gregor, Greg and Siegfried Halus
In Search of Domingues & Escalante Finalist, 2012
Macabe, Cate
This New Mountain Finalist, 2012
MacNab, Maggie
Decoding Design Winner, 2008
Design by Nature Winner, 2012
MacQuigg, Donna
The Price of Pride Finalist, 2007
Madrid, Arturo
In the Country of Empty Crosses Finalist, 2013
Magennis, Bev
Alibi Creek Finalist, 2016
Magrane, Eric & Christopher Cokinos
The Sonoran Desert Winner 2016
Malchuk, Kim
Tasting Rain Finalist, 2012
Maldonado, Gilbert
Maldonado Journey Finalist, 2014
Mandelbaum, JonnaLynn
Unpredictable Crossing Finalist, 2010
Daphe and Thekla Finalist, 2016
Manno, Lois
Visions Underground Winner, 2009
Manthiram, Annam
After the Tsunami Finalist, 2012
Dysfunction: Stories Finalist, 2013
Mapson, Jo-Ann
Owen’s Daughter Winner, 2014
Marcus, Jerry
Shoshana’s Song Finalist, 2013
Marker, Dennis
Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism Winner, 2012
Marmon, Lee & Tom Corbett
Laguna Pueblo: A Photographic History Winner, 2015
Marriott, Barbara
Take the Train to Tucson Finalist, 2015
Contact Finalist, 2012
Martin-Rodriguez, Manuel
With a Book in Their Hands Finalist, 2015
Martin, Craig
Los Alamos Place Names Winner, 2013
Martin, Craig & Heather McClenahan
Of Logs and Stone Finalist, 2009
Martin, Linda
Lighten Up: Diets Don’t Work You Do Finalist, 2013, 2015
Martinez-Davila, Diaz & Hart
Fractured Faiths Finalist, 2016
Martinez, Demetria & Montoya-Read
Grandpa’s Magic Tortilla Winner, 2011
Martinez, Mario
Abran and Isabella’s Hidden Faith Finalist, 2016
Converso Finalist, 2009
Martinez, Valerie
Each and Her Finalist, 2011
Marvin, Steve
Approaching Loss Finalist, 2008
Masterman, Becky
Fear the Darkness Finalist, 2016
May Center Students
Where I Come From… Winner, 2014
Mayes, Vernon and Barbara Lacy
Nanise - A Navajo Herbal Finalist, 2014
Mayfield, Barbara
The Magical Mrs. Iptweet and Me Finalist, 2009
Mayhew, Vicki Dean
How the Unicorn Got His Horn Back Finalist, 2015
Maynard, Lee
The Pale Light of Sunset Finalist, 2009
McCall, Deanna Dickinson
Rough Patches Finalist, 2016
Mustang Spring Stories & Poems Finalist, 2013
McCorduck, Pamela
The Edge of Chaos Finalist, 2008
McCormack, Barbara
Recipes to Crow About Finalist, 2012
McCreary, Jeffrey
Creating the “I” in Team Finalist, 2008
McCroskey, Mona Lange
And We Danced Finalist, 2014
Chasing Cattle and the Cure Finalist, 2013
McDuffie, Susan
The Faerie Hills Winner, 2011
The Study of Murder Finalist, 2014
McFarland, Gerald W.
What the Owl Saw Finalist, 2015
The Last of Our Kind Finalist, 2016
McGarry, Susan
Gregory McHuron Finalist, 2016
Pure Quill: Barbara Van Cleve Winner 2016
McGeagh, Robert
Emilio Finalist, 2015
McGrath, James
Speaking with Magpies Finalist, 2008
McKenzie, CB
Bad Country Finalist, 2015
McKerley, Jennifer Guess
Amazing Armadillos Winner, 2010
Football Winner, 2013
Swamp Monsters Finalist, 2010
McLaughlin, John
In the Shadow of the Mountain Finalist, 2012
Red Sky at Morning Finalist, 2012
McLaughlin, Judith
Sacred Feminine Winner, 2009
McMichael, Susan Harrison
Box 7, Black Canyon Stage Route Finalist, 2012
Medina-Sandoval, Isabelle
Guardians of Hidden Traditions Finalist, 2009
Melcher, Mary
Pregnancy, Motherhood & Choice in 20th c. AZ Finalist, 2013
Melzer, Richard
Buried Treasures Finalist, 2008
Fred Harvey Houses of the Southwest Winner, 2009
The Jewish Legacy in New Mexico History Winner, 2015
New Mexico: Celebrating Land of Enchantment Winner, 2012
Sanatoriums of New Mexico Finalist, 2014
Sunshine & Shadows Vol I Finalist, 2010
Sunshine & Shadows Vol II Winner, 2011
Sunshine & Shadows Vol III Winner, 2012
Melzer, Richard & John Taylor
A River Runs Through Us Winner, 2015
Murder, Mystery & Mayhem Winner, 2013
Mendez, Edward
One Calamitous Spring Finalist, 2013
Merrin, Jeredith
Cup Finalist, 2015
Meyer, Marian
Mary Donoho: New First Lady of Santa Fe Trail Winner 2016
Meyers, Harold Burton
The Death at Awahi Winner, 2007
Mihok, Patricia
A Glimpse of the Chihuahua Desert Winner, 2015
Miller, Darlis
Open Range Winner, 2011
Miller, Jonathan
A Million Dead Lawyers Finalist, 2016
La Bajada Lawyer Finalist, 2009
Volcano Verdict Finalist, 2007
Conflict Contract Finalist, 2010
Lawyer Geisha Pink Finalist, 2012
Miller, Susan Cummins
Chasm Finalist, 2015
Quarry Winner, 2007
Fracture Finalist, 2012
Milstein, Mati
My New Middle East Finalist, 2012
Minuik-Sperry, Colleen
Photographing Acadia National Park Winner, 2014
Mirabal, RJ
Extreme Dust Storms May Exist Finalist, 2016
The Tower of Il Serrohe Finalist, 2013
Mitchell, Gary
Amos the Churchmouse Finalist, 2015
Amos the Philosophical Churchmouse Finalist, 2013
Mitchell, J.M.
The Height of Secrecy Finalist, 2015
Miziker, Ron
Miziker’s Complete Event Planner’s Handbook Finalist, 2016
Monson, Ander
Letter to a Future Lover Finalist, 2015
Montoya, Cheryl & Jerry
Three Dog Night Winner, 2009
Moonwalker & O’Brien-Levin
Business Revolution through Ancestral Wisdom Winner, 2009
Moore, Sally
Backroads & Byways of New Mexico Winner, 2008
Morgan, Phyllis
As Far As the Eye Could Reach Finalist, 2016
Fray Angélico Chávez Finalist, 2010
N. Scott Momaday Winner, 2011
Morris, Holland, & Ferguson
The Sound a Raven Makes Winner, 2007
Morris, James McGrath
Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print & Power Winner, 2010
Morris, John T. and Candace Walsh
Stone Design for the Home Finalist, 2008
Morton, Paula
Tortillas: A Cultural History Finalist, 2015
Mraz, David
Little Goose Finalist, 2009
Muller, Seth
Heart in the Bony Middle Finalist, 2015
Munoz, Thomas
Red Sash of Thorns Finalist, 2016
Munson, Marit
Archaeology of Art in American Southwest Finalist, 2011
Kenneth Chapman’s Santa Fe Finalist, 2008
Musgrave, Susan
Business is about Goofy People Finalist, 2016
Muth, Marcia
Ma Frump’s Guide to Plastic Gardening Winner, 2008
MV Ghiorghi
Blood Matter Finalist, 2016
Nabhan, Gary
Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land Winner, 2014
Nahmias, Rick
Golden States of Grace Winner, 2012
Najdowski, Pam
Travel Guide: All Trails Lead to Santa Fe Finalist, 2016
Nance, Joyce
Escaping the Arroyo Finalist, 2013
Nelson & Schiffer
David and Lee Roy Finalist, 2012
Nelson, Margaret & Michelle Hegmon
Mimbres Lives and Landscapes Winner, 2011
Nelson, Mark
The Wastewater Gardener Finalist, 2014
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux
Who Will I Be, Lord? Finalist, 2009
The Book Itch Winner 2016
No Crystal Stair Winner, 2012
Nelson, Vaunda & R. Gregory Christie
Bad News for Outlaws Winner, 2010
Neri, Kris
Magical Alienation Winner, 2012
Revenge on Route 66 Finalist, 2013
Nesbit, Tara Shea
The Wives of Los Alamos Winner, 2014
Nettleton, Craig
Rocks in My Bed Finalist, 2008
Nevin, Jean
Mindscapes: Poems for Paintings Finalist, 2011
New Mexico Book Co-op
Voices of New Mexico Finalist, 2011
Nez & Avila
Code Talker Winner, 2012
Nichols, John
Milagro Beanfield War Winner, 2008
On Top of Spoon Mountain Finalist, 2013
Nickell, Judy
Atrisco to Zena Lona Finalist, 2013
Niece, Rick
Side-Yard Super Hero Finalist, 2012
Niederman, Sharon
New Mexico Farm Table Cookbook Winner 2016
New Mexico’s Tasty Traditions Finalist, 2011
An Explorer’s Guide to New Mexico Finalist, 2014
An Explorer’s Guide to Santa Fe & Taos Finalist, 2014
Niethammer, Carolyn
The Piano Player Finalist, 2015
Cooking the Wild Southwest Finalist, 2012
NM Wilderness Alliance
Wild Guide: Passport to NM Wilderness Finalist, 2016
Noble, David Grant
Living the Ancient Southwest Winner, 2015
Mesa Verde World Finalist, 2007
In the Places of the Spirits Winner, 2012
Nordhaus, Hannah
American Ghost Finalist, 2015
Norris, Noreen
Caught Heart Finalist, 2009
Norton, Hana Samek
The Sixth Surrender Winner, 2010
Noyer, Albert
Alberix the Celt Book 1 Finalist, 2016
Alberix the Celt Book 2 Finalist, 2016
The Cybelene Conspiracy Finalist, 2007
One for the Money Finalist, 2013
Nye, Valerie & Kathy Barco
True Stories of Censorship Battles Finalist, 2012
Breakfast New Mexico Style Winner, 2009
Nyquist, Jules
Appetites Finalist, 2012
Behind the Volcanoes Finalist, 2014
O’Connor, Paul and Bill Whaley
Taos Portraits Winner, 2014
O’Dell, Gerdean
Spirits of Promise Finalist, 2010
O’Donnell, Joy & Dawn Burruel
Birthday Tributes Winner, 2012
Ochse, Weston
Reign of Evil Winner, 2015
Age of Blood Winner, 2014
Seal Team 666 Winner, 2013
Olmstead, Carol
Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home & Office Winner, 2010
Olson, Marian
Desert Hours Finalist, 2008
Orenduff, J Michael
The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keeffe Finalist, 2016
The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein Finalist, 2011
The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras Winner, 2010
Ortego, Sheila
The Road from La Cueva Winner, 2008
Ortiz, Virginia
Tradition & Heritage Finalist, 2008
Otis, Alicia
Swallowing the Moon Finalist, 2008
Owen & Hagan
A Peculiar Alchemy Winner, 2008
Owings, Natalie
The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary Finalist, 2009
Pacheco, Ana
The History of Spirituality in Santa Fe Finalist, 2016
Padilla, Wanda
Are You Living Together or Dying Together? Finalist, 2012
Stop Digging Your Grave with your Teeth Finalist, 2013
Paloma, Vanessa
The Mountain, The Desert & Pomegranate Finalist, 2011
Paponetti, Giovanna
Kateri: Native American Saint Finalist, 2011
Paquet, Susan
Apricots and Tortillas Finalist, 2015
Paramo, Alex
Princess Marisol & the Moon Thieves Finalist, 2015
Pardue, Diana and Norman Sandfield
Native American Bolo Ties Finalist, 2012
Parhad, Elisa
New Mexico: A Guide for the Eyes Winner, 2010
Parker, Steve
The Advanced Mediterrranean Diet Winner, 2012
Parr, Monte
The Best in Tent Camping: New Mexico Finalist, 2008
Pasztory, Esther
Jean-Frederic Waldeck Finalist, 2012
Pate, Dale & Ronal Kerbo
On the Desert’s Edge Finalist, 2014
Pattakos, Alex & Elaine Dundon
The OPA! Way Winner, 2015
Patterson, Barbara Corn
The Woman on the Table & Other Stories Finalist, 2012
Patterson, Shirley & Susan Cho
Turning Points Volume Two Winner, 2015
Turning Points in Women’s Lives Winner, 2012
Paul, Paula
Crazy Quilt Finalist, 2007
Forgetting Tommie Finalist, 2015
Paulsen, Gary
Notes from the Dog Winner, 2009
Lawn Boy Winner, 2008
Pearson, Annmarie
Nature Rhymes with Natural Impressions Finalist, 2012
The Fetish Ruby Finalist, 2012
Peck, Kayt
Good Water Finalist, 2015
The Kiva and the Mosque Finalist, 2012
Pena, Abe
Memories of Cibola Winner, 2007
Villages & Villagers Finalist, 2007
Pena, Viola & Jerry Montoya
Los Chilitos Finalist, 2010
Penner, Mary and Irvin Hornkohl
Just Do It Crazy or Not Winner, 2012
Percival, Barbara
Many Voices One Song Finalist, 2008
Petronis, Lexi
Our Favorite Recipes: ABQ The Mag Winner, 2008
Pettigrew, Dawn Karima
The Marriage of Saints Finalist, 2007
Pettit, Michael
Riding for the Brand Winner, 2007
Petton, Maggie
The Queen’s Companion Finalist, 2011
Psalms of the Broken Hearted Finalist, 2014
When Rain Remembers Finalist, 2013
Heaven’s Daughter Finalist, 2012
Poling-Kempes, Lesley
Ghost Ranch Finalist, 2007
Ladies of the Canyons Finalist, 2016
Bone Horses Winner, 2013
Polo, Amber
Heads in the Clouds Winner, 2014
Poole, Jason & Jason Schein
A Dynasty of Dinosaurs Winner 2016
Porter, Liza
Red Stain Finalist, 2015
Porter, Pamela
Yellow Moon, Apple Moon Winner, 2009
Posada, Joachim de
No te Devores el Marshmallow Nunca Finalist, 2012
Post, James Nathan
Murder by Starlight Finalist, 2011
Potter, Deborah Dozier
Let Buster Lead Finalist, 2008
Powers, J.L.
Colors of the Wind Finalist, 2015
Powers, Marianne
Doing the Right Thing Winner, 2011
Powers, Robert
Peopling of Bandelier Winner, 2007
Prather, Hugh
Innovation, Partnerships, Results Finalist, 2016
Prentiss, Sean
Finding Abbey Winner 2016
Price, L. Greer, et. al.
Geology of Northern New Mexico’s Parks Winner, 2010
The Geology of Northern NM’s Parks Finalist, 2010
High Plains of Northeastern New Mexico Winner, 2007
Mining in New Mexico Finalist, 2007
Price, Roberta
Across the Great Divide Finalist, 2011
Price, VB
The Orphaned Land Finalist, 2012
Pritchard, Melissa
The Odditorium Finalist, 2012
Prol, Fernando
Sugar and Dirt Finalist, 2015
Pura, Talia
Alexia Wants to Fly Finalist, 2016
Pyeatt, Keith
Struck Winner, 2009
Quihuis, Albert Monreal
Isabela’s Treasure Finalist, 2014
Sofia’s Summer Adventure Finalist, 2015
Raby, Elizabeth
This Woman Finalist, 2013
Radford, Benjamin
Mysterious New Mexico Finalist, 2015
Tracking the Chupacabra Finalist, 2011
Scientific Paranormal Investigation Finalist, 2012
Randles, Slim
A Cowboy’s Guide Winner, 2011
Complete Cowboy Bucket List Winner 2016
Ol’ Jimmy Dollar Winner, 2015
Sweetgrass Mornings Winner, 2011
Home Country Winner, 2012
Saddle Up Winner, 2014
Raquel Rubin-Jimenez
el Vidajero Winner, 2012
Ravenwood, Kathyrn
How to Create Sacred Water Finalist, 2013
Ré, Paul
Art, Peace, and Transcendence Winner 2016
Redmond, Shirley Raye
Blind Tom: Horse Who Helped Build Railroad Finalist, 2009
Pup’s Prairie Home Finalist, 2008
Rosemary’s Glove Winner, 2009
Fairies: A True Story Winner, 2012
Reeder, Carolyn
The Secret Project Notebook Finalist, 2007
Reichman, Rick
20 Things You Must Know/Great Screenplay Finalist, 2009
Reid, Natalie
The Spiritual Alchemist Finalist, 2008
Reider, Rob
American Scream Finalist, 2012
Remley, David
Kit Carson Winner, 2011
Reynolds, Joyce S
WNM History Finalist, 2012
Rhetts, Paul
Hot Air Balloon Bucket List Finalist, 2015
More Voices of New Mexico Finalist, 2015
Rhetts, Paul & Barbe Awalt
Contemporary Hispanic Market Finalist, 2011
Voices of New Mexico, Too Winner, 2013
Rhodes, Robert
Live Poets’ Society Vol III Winner, 2007
Richards, Rusty
Casey Tibbs - Born to Ride Finalist, 2012
Richardson, Steve
Canlandia Winner, 2014
Rios, Frances
El Factor Prega Finalist, 2012
Ritt, Sharon
GQ GQ: Where are You? Finalist, 2013
Rivera, Roxanne
There’s No Crying in Business Winner, 2010
Robinson, Dr John Alexander
The Hormone Zone Finalist, 2012
Robinson, Gary
Native American Night Before Christmas Finalist, 2011
Robinson, Sherry
I Fought a Good Fight Winner, 2013
Roche, John
Mo Joe: The Anthology Finalist, 2014
Rockman, Barbara
Sting and Nest Winner, 2012
Rogers, Garry
Arizona Wildlife Notebook Winner, 2014
Corr Syl the Warrior Finalist, 2013, 2014
Romero-Anderson, Emerita
Milagro of the Spanish Bean Pot Finalist, 2011
Romero, Maggie
A Mother’s Story Finalist, 2015
Romero, Orlando
All Trails Lead to Santa Fe Winner, 2011
Rose, Caroline Starr
Blue Birds Winner, 2015
May B. Winner, 2012
Rose, Elizabeth P
Ditty Dotty Ditties Finalist, 2016
Poet Under a Soldiers Hat Finalist, 2016
Portraits Finalist, 2016
Daft Doggerels Finalist, 2013
Dotty Ditties Finalist, 2013
Poet Under a Soldier’s Hat Finalist, 2013
Rosen, Marcia
My Memoir Workbook Winner, 2012
Rosenberg, Evelyn
Detonography: Explosive Art of E Rosenberg Finalist, 2014
Ross, Inez
Blaize Castle: The Novel Finalist, 2013
Sotherton Abbey: J Austen Meets Santa Fe Finalist, 2010
Rubin, Gail
A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning Winner, 2011
Ruby, Jane Frances
The Azurite Encounter Finalist, 2012
Rucobo, Bonnie
King Pachuco & Princess Mirasol Finalist, 2012
King Pachuco & Princess Mirasol-Sequel Finalist, 2014
Ruddy, Richard
Edmund G. Ross Winner, 2014
Ruden, Jenny
Camp Utopia and the Forgiveness Diet Finalist, 2014
Ruggles, Tammy
Peace: Quotations and Aspirations Finalist, 2007
Russell, Renny
Rock Me on the Water Finalist, 2008
Russell, Sharman Apt
Diary of a Citizen Scientist Finalist, 2015
Knocking on Heaven’s Door Winner 2016
Standing in the Light Finalist, 2008
Teresa of the New World Finalist, 2015
Ruther, Barbara Jean
Dirt Roads Finalist, 2016
Saberhagen, Joan & Robert Vardeman
Golden Reflections Finalist, 2012
Sagan, Miriam
Geographic Winner 2016
Sager, Stan
Viva Elfego! Finalist, 2008, 2009
Salazar, Andres
Seasons Finalist, 2014
Salazar, Gloria & Louis
Grave Reflections Finalist, 2011
Sánchez, David
Don’t Forget the Accent Mark Finalist, 2012
Sanchez, Erickson, & Gurule
Between Two Countries Finalist, 2007
Sanchez, Joseph
Early Hispanic Colorado Finalist, 2016
Sanchez, Joseph & Bruce Erickson
From Mexico City to Santa Fe Finalist, 2012
From Saltillo to San Antonio Finalist, 2016
Sanchez, Laura
Killer Miracle Finalist, 2014
Sanchez, Laura and Alex Sanchez
Adobe Houses for Today Winner, 2009
Sanchez, Lynda
Apache Legends & Lore of So NM Finalist, 2014
Sanchez, Richard
White Shell Water Place Finalist, 2011
Sanchez, Spude, & Gomez
New Mexico: A History Finalist, 2014
Sanders, JR
Some Gave All Finalist, 2014
The Littlest Wrangler Finalist, 2012
Sanders, Starr
The Boy Without A Face Finalist, 2015
Sandlin, Lisa & Catherine Ferguson
You Who Make the Sky Bend Winner, 2011
Sando, Joe, and Herman Agoyo
Po’Pay Finalist, 2007
Santiago, Mark
The Jar of Severed Hands Winner, 2012
Sarla, Mini
Power & Privilege Finalist, 2012
Sayler, Carolyn
Doris Fleeson Finalist, 2011
Sayre, Terrie Q & Travelin’ Jack
More Pet Friends Winner, 2015
Terrie Q & Travelin’ Jack’s Pet Friends Winner, 2013
Scarbrough, Marsha
honey in the river Finalist, 2015
Medicine Dance Finalist, 2008
Schachter-Shalomi & Miles-Yepez
A Hidden Light Winner, 2012
Schain, Richard
Spiritual Pathways Winner, 2014
Scharnhorst, Gary
Julian Hawthorne Finalist, 2015
Schechter, Lorraine
The Seasons of Yes Winner, 2008
Scheele, Charel
Old World Breads & History of Flemish Baker Finalist, 2013
Schlyer, Krista
Continental Divide Winner, 2013
Schreiber, Art & Hal Simmons
Out of Sight Winner, 2014
Schreiber, Larry
A Life Well Worn Finalist, 2016
Schroeder, Erv
The Memory of Stone Winner, 2015
Schulz, Renate
Life in Alien Territory Finalist, 2015
Schweidel, David & Robert Boswell
What Men Call Treasure Finalist, 2009
Scott, JK
Tracking Terra Finalist, 2012
Scott, Sam
Encounters with Beauty Finalist, 2007
Scott, Sascha
A Strange Mixture Finalist, 2015
Secord, Paul
Bandelier National Monument Finalist, 2016
Pecos Finalist, 2015
Albuquerque Deco & Pueblo Finalist, 2012
Santa Fe’s Historic Hotels Finalist, 2013
Severino, Sally
Behold Our Moral Body Finalist, 2014
Sevigny, Melissa
Under Desert Skies Finalist, 2016
Shagam, Janet Yagoda
An Unintended Journey Winner, 2014
Shaia, Alexander
The Hidden Power of the Gospels Winner, 2010
Shannon, Jeanne
Summoning Winner 2016
At the Horizon Line Finalist, 2013
In a Rose Wood Wandering Finalist, 2012
Shannon, Jennifer
Our Lives Finalist, 2015
Shapard, Bud
Chief Loco Winner, 2011
Shapiro, Patricia Gottlieb
Coming Home to Yourself Finalist, 2011
The Privilege of Aging Finalist, 2014
Yoga for Women at Midlife & Beyond Winner, 2007
Sharp, Lisa
A Slow Trot Home Finalist, 2014
Shaw, Daniel
Eco-Tracking Finalist, 2011
Shaw, Harley
Twelve Hundred Miles by Horse and Burro Finalist, 2012
Shaw, Joseph
To Honor the Dead Winner, 2009
Shaw, Patrick
Chai Pilgrimage Finalist, 2016
Shaw, Steve
Beyond the Rio Grande Finalist, 2007
Sheridan, Thomas
Arizona: A History Winner, 2013
Shipley, Andrew
The Japanese Money Tree Finalist, 2007
Shreve, Bradley
Red Power Rising Finalist, 2012
Siegel, Andrew
Never Miss A Touch Finalist, 2015
Silverman, Sherri
Vastu Finalist, 2008
Simmons, Hal
Final Act Finalist, 2016
Magic Lance Finalist, 2008
Simons, Marc
Southwestern Colonial Ironwork Finalist, 2008
Sine, William
Guardian Angel Winner, 2013
Sipos, Ed
Brewing Arizona Finalist, 2014
Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths
SoWest: So Deadly Finalist, 2016
SoWest SoWild Finalist, 2012
Smarandache & Kandasami
Algebraic Structure Using Subsets Finalist, 2013
Smarandache, Florentin
Experimental Paradoxist Linguistics Finalist, 2009
Global Totalitarianism & Working Animals Finalist, 2009
Advances and Applications Finalist, 2010
DSm Super Vector Spaces of Refined Labels Winner, 2012
Neutrosophic Interpret of Analects of Confucius Finalist, 2012
Smith, Carmen Gimenez
Milk and Filth Finalist, 2014
Smith, Craig
A Vision of Voices Winner 2016
Smith, James
Catherine’s Son Finalist, 2013
Smith, Michael
No Small Things Finalist, 2014
Smith, Suzanne
Cooking for Your Dog Finalist, 2014
Cooking with Lavender Finalist, 2008
Smith, Toby
Bush League Boys Finalist, 2015
Snow, RP
Turning Point Finalist, 2014
Snyder, Sharon
At Home on the Slopes of Mountains Winner, 2012
Sofaer, Anna
Chaco Astronomy Winner, 2008
Sohn, Ruth
Crossing Cairo Finalist, 2013
Sol, Lillian Diaz
Gracias a la Vida Finalist, 2015
Southard, Duke
Cracks in the Wall Finalist, 2016
Live Free or Die Finalist, 2015
A Favor Returned Finalist, 2013
Agent for Justice Finalist, 2014
Spader, Rose
Overturned Bucket Finalist, 2016
Sparks, Barbara
Taos: Land People Spirit Winner 2016
Speer, Joe
Backpack Trekker Finalist, 2013
Speer, Teresa
Events You Design Finalist, 2014
Spragg-Braude, Stacia
If There’s Squash Bugs in Heaven Winner, 2014
Stablein, Marilyn
Splitting Hard Ground Winner, 2010
Stanbrough, Stan
Beyond the Masks Finalist, 2007
Starr, Mirabai
God of Love Winner, 2013
Stavans, Ilan
The New World Haggadah Winner 2016
Steele, Charles Benjamin
The Sacred Blood of a Child Finalist, 2010
Stegmaier, Mark
Texas New Mexico and Comp of 1850 Finalist, 2012
Steiguer, J Edward
Wild Horses of the West Winner, 2012
Steinsiek, Sabra Brown
Annie’s Song Winner, 2008
In the Fullness of Time Winner 2016
Time’s Secrets Winner 2016
Timing is Everything Winner, 2010, 2015
When That Time Comes Finalist, 2011
The Lodge at Cloudcroft Finalist, 2012
Steinsiek, Sabra Brown & Noel Chilton
The Tale of the Pronghorned Cantaloupe Winner, 2010
Stern, McGarry & Dunn
Art of the National Parks Winner, 2013
Stevens, Reed
Santa Fe Dreamhouse Finalist, 2009
Stibbe, Claire
The 9th Hour Finalist, 2016
Stone, Chad
Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet Finalist, 2013
Storad, Conrad
Earth is Tilting Finalist, 2013
Mars Finalist, 2012
Rattlesnake Rules Finalist, 2012
Uncovering Earth’s Crust Winner, 2013
What’s the Weather Like Today Finalist, 2012, 2013
Your Circulatory System Winner, 2013
Storad, Conrad & Lynda Exley
Arizona Color Me Wacky! Winner, 2013
Arizona Way Out West & Wacky: Awesome Finalist, 2012
Storme, Sarah
The Long Way Home Finalist, 2007
Stuart, Dabney
Tables Finalist, 2010
Sturm, Circe
Becoming Indian Finalist, 2012
Sumner, Melanie
The Ghost of Milagro Creek Winner, 2010
Sutin, Mike
Graven Images Winner, 2008
Sutliff, David
The Directors Finalist, 2013
Sutton, Claudette
Farewell, Aleppo Winner, 2015
Sweeney, Edwin
Cochise Finalist, 2014
From Cochise to Geronimo Finalist, 2011
Swinger, Joe
Beans of Wisdom Winner, 2013
Szabo, Joyce
Imprisoned Art Winner, 2012
T’so, Pauline
Whispers of the Wolf Winner 2016
Tacang, Brian
Bully Be Gone Finalist, 2007
The Model President Finalist, 2009
Taggart, Vicki
Senator Pete Domenici’s Legacy 2009 Finalist, 2010
Senator Pete Domenici’s Legacy 2010 Winner, 2011
Tanner, Karen Holliday & John
The Bronco Bill Gang Finalist, 2011
Tapscott, Mike
Homeless Hero Finalist, 2014
Taschek, Karen
The Risen Horse Finalist, 2011
Taylor, John
Catholics Along the Rio Grande Finalist, 2011
Dejad a los Niños Winner, 2007
The Science of Soccer Winner, 2014
The Thacher School Winner, 2014
Taylor, Lynn
The Ojai Valley School Winner, 2015
Taylor, Nicole
Schooled on Fat Finalist, 2016
Taylor, Rae Marie
The Land Finalist, 2013
Taylor, Reese S
Leaves Winner, 2014
PARE a poetic memoir Finalist, 2012
Tessler, Margaret
Glass Houses Finalist, 2015, 2016
Tangled Web Finalist, 2011
Black Widow White Lies Finalist, 2012
Casting Shadows Finalist, 2013
Deadly Triangles Finalist, 2010
The Grande Dames
The Trouble with Romance Finalist, 2007
Thomas, Diane
In Wilderness Winner 2016
Thompson, Jim
The Physics of Genesis Finalist, 2009
The St. Nicholas Solution Finalist, 2009
Thurlo, Aimee
Stargazer’s Woman Finalist, 2008
Thurlo, Aimee and David
Grave Consequences Finalist, 2015
Thurlo, Aimee and David
Turquoise Girl Winner, 2008
Tilchen, Maida
Land Beyond Maps Winner, 2009
She’s Gone Santa Fe Finalist, 2014
Tiller, Veronica
Tiller’s Guide to Indian Country Winner, 2007
Tippit, Lucretia
The Pageant Unveiled Winner, 2008
Tobey, Rebecca
Partners in Art Finalist, 2008
Tollefson, Loretta Miles
Moreno Valley Sketches Finalist, 2016
The Ticket Finalist, 2015
Tollefson, Lowell
Barnyard Fable Finalist, 2015
Tornga, Susan
Seashells in the Desert Finalist, 2012
Torrez, Robert
Myth of the Hanging Tree Finalist, 2009
New Mexico in 1876-77 Finalist, 2007
Rio Arriba Winner, 2011
Traugott, Joseph
The Art of New Mexico Finalist, 2008
Travis, Don
The Zozobra Incident Finalist, 2012
Treiber, Jay
Spirit Walk Finalist, 2015
Treister, Casanova & Cristino
Easter Island’s Silent Sentinels Finalist, 2014
Trimble, Stephen
Lasting Light: 125 Yrs of Grand Canyon Photo Winner, 2007
Talking with the Clay Winner, 2008
Tritten, Jasmine
The Journey of an adventuresome Dane Finalist, 2016
Trujillo, Agapito
Hispanics of Roosevelt County, New Mexico Finalist, 2016
Turchick, Jacky & Laurie Melrood
The Pancake Tree Winner, 2015
Turner, Nancy
My Name is Resolute Winner, 2014
Tyson, Scott
The Unobservable Universe Finalist, 2011
Udall, Jay
The Welcome Table Winner, 2009
Udall, Sharyn
Santa Fe Art Colony Finalist, 2007
Ullman, Leslie
Progress on the Subject of Immensity Winner, 2014
Ungande, Liesl
Guide to New Mexico Mountains Finalist, 2016
Usner, Don
Chasing Dichos through Chimayo Finalist, 2015
Vaca, Cabeza de & Baker Morrow
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca: So Amer Expeditions Finalist, 2012
Vadurro, Bernadette
America’s Conscience Finalist, 2007
Vadurro, Rob
The Oma Sagas Finalist, 2011
Valdez de Pong, Dolores
A New Mexican Treasury of Songs Finalist, 2011
Valencia y Valdez, Gloria
Aqui Se Comienza: Genealogical History of ABQ Winner, 2007
Van Dusen, Ross
Area 102 Finalist, 2016
How Crocka Dog Came to Be Winner 2016
What Makes a Rainbow? Winner, 2015
What Makes a Snowflake? Winner 2016
Van Dyke, Ruth
The Chaco Experience Finalist, 2008
Van Gieson, Judith
The Wolf Path Finalist, 2007
Van Ham, Lane
A Common Humanity Finalist, 2012
VanderMeer, Philip
Burton Barr Finalist, 2015
Desert Visions & the Making of Phoenix Finalist, 2012
Vardeman, Robert
Fate of the Kinunir Finalist, 2014
Varjabedian, Craig
Landscape Dreams, A New Mexico Portrait Winner, 2013
Vesely, Brown, McConnell, & Rhetts
The World Comes to Albuquerque Winner, 2011
How Not to Do a Psychic Reading Finalist, 2007
Vollertsen, John
Cooking with Johnny Vee Finalist, 2008
Vorhand, Susan
The Mosaic Within Finalist, 2009
Waite, Barbara Anne
Elsie Finalist, 2012
Waite, Urban
The Carrion Birds Finalist, 2013
Walker, Hollis
Zink: The Language of Enchantment Finalist, 2007
Walker, June
Self-employed Tax Solutions Finalist, 2007
Walker, Karen
Following the Whispers Finalist, 2009
Walsh, Candace Licking the Spoon Winner, 2013
Walton, Robert
Dawn Drums Winner, 2014
Wang, Dora with Shannan Carter
The Daily Practice of Compassion Winner, 2015
Ward, Carla & Megan
Emily Finds a Dog Finalist, 2008
Ward, Elizabeth
Cue Tips: Stage Mgmt Handbook for HS Theatre Finalist, 2008
Ward, Jennifer
There Was A Coyote Who Swallowed A Flea Finalist, 2007
Ward, Michael
Ghost Riders in the Sky Winner, 2015
Ware, John
A Pueblo Social History Finalist, 2015
Warner, Sharon Oard
Sophie’s House of Cards Finalist, 2015
Washburn, Susan Erlandson
My Horse, My Self Winner, 2015
Weaver, Anne
Children of Time Winner, 2013
Webb, Robert et al
Requiem for the Santa Cruz Finalist, 2014
Weber, Susan Topp
Susan’s Christmas Shop Finalist, 2016
Nativities of the Southwest Winner, 2015
Weich-Shahak, Susana
Moraccan Sephardic Romancero Finalist, 2014
Weinberg, Florence Byham
Anselm, a Metamorphosis Finalist, 2014
Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross Finalist, 2007
Seven Cities of Mud Finalist, 2008
Sonora Wind Winner, 2010
Unrest in Eden Finalist, 2012
Weir, Maria Paz
Lo que mi abuela me dijo Winner 2016
Welch, John
Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout Finalist, 2016
Welsh, Lawrence
Begging for Vultures Winner, 2012
West, George
North American Hummingbirds Finalist, 2016
Whaley, Bill
Gringo Lessons Winner, 2015
Wheeler, Donna Lee
The Chimes of Resdorn Finalist, 2008
Kalleni Beyond Finalist, 2009
Who’s the You in the Mirror Winner, 2009
The Golden Path Finalist, 2010
Wheeler, Richard
An Accidental Novelist Finalist, 2007
White, Courtney
Two Percent Solutions for the Planet Finalist, 2016
White, L.
The Graceful Art of Falling Finalist, 2015
White, Melissa J
Dizzy Sushi Finalist, 2014
Whitt, J Allen
Notes from the Other Side of the Mountain Finalist, 2013
Whittenberg, Linda
Tender Harvest Finalist, 2010
Wiley, Robert Aaron
On Stranger Winds Winner, 2013
Wilkins, Teresa
Patterns of Exchange Winner, 2008
Williams, Arlene
Tiny Tortilla Finalist, 2007
Williams, DE
Child of Chaos Winner 2016
Williamson, Jack
Stonehenge Gate Winner, 2007
Willmon, Fred
God’s Promises Finalist, 2016
Willson, Harry
Myth and Mortality Finalist, 2007
From Fear to Love Winner, 2013
Wilson, Chris & Oliver Horn
The Roque Lobato House Finalist, 2015
Wilson, JJ Amaword
Damnificados Winner 2016
Wilson, Waziyatawin Angela
For Indigenous Eyes Only Finalist, 2007
Wink, Dawn
Meadowlark Finalist, 2014
Wittig, Sebastian
Naaldeehii Winner 2016
Keedahwiit’iidi Finalist, 2014
Wolfert, LelaBelle
Deception and Desire Finalist, 2008
Whisper on the Wind Finalist, 2012
Wolff, Theodore and Lewis Nielsen
The Mosquitoes of New Mexico Finalist, 2008
Wood, Patricia Smith
The Easter Egg Murder Finalist, 2013, 2015
Wright, Sandi
The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam Winner, 2011
Wyatt, Susan Clough
Arabian Nights & Daze Finalist, 2011
Wynne, Louis
Healing the Hurting Soul Finalist, 2007
Young, Nancy
The Moon Saw it All Winner, 2013
Yurcic, Jason
Odes to Anger Finalist, 2009
Voice of My Heart Finalist, 2007
Zeigler, Ann
Preserving Electronic Evidence for Trial Winner 2016
Zibart, Rosemary
Forced Journey Winner, 2015
I Have a Grandma Who … Finalist, 2014
True Brit - Beatrice, 1940 Winner, 2012
Zimmerman, Heidi
Literacy Alive 2015 Winner 2016
Zimmerman, Jan
Web Marketing for Dummies Winner, 2007

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2016 Book Award Sponsors: Anthology — sponsored by Mary Kay Stein Anthropology/Archaeology — sponsored by University of New Mexico Press and Ron Duncan Hart/Gaon Books Arts Book — sponsored by April Radbill Biography – Arizona — sponsored by Arizona Professional Writers Biography – New Mexico — sponsored by Sharon Snyder and Pauline and Mel Eisenstadt Biography – Other — sponsored by Ann Dallman Business Book — sponsored by New Mexico Book Co-op Children’s Activity Book — sponsored by SOMOS/Society of the Muse of the Southwest Children’s Picture Book — sponsored by Carla Ward/Tinkertown Museum, Santa Fe Public Library, and Story Monsters Ink Magazine Children’s Picture and Activity Books – Bilingual — sponsored by Evelia Cobos Cookbook — sponsored by Suzanne Smith and Jean and Ross Van Dusen Crafts/Hobby/How-to Book/Self-Help— sponsored by Rio Grande Books Fiction – adventure or drama — sponsored by Dave DeWitt Fiction - historical fiction — sponsored by Kyea Ranch/David and Lani Kyea, Dave Bushmire, and Scott Archer Jones Fiction - mystery/suspense — sponsored by Santa Fe Public Library and Dave DeWitt Fiction - other — sponsored by Mare Pearl and Sue Boggio and Dr. & Mrs. John Zeigler Fiction - romance — sponsored by Mare Pearl and Sue Boggio and Dr. & Mrs. John Zeigler Fiction - science fiction & fantasy — sponsored by Author Connect Fiction eBooks — sponsored by Author Connect and Mare Pearl and Sue Boggio First Book - Arizona — sponsored by Southwest Writers and Five Star Publications First Book - New Mexico — sponsored by Southwest Writers, Suzanne Smith, and Joseph Badal Gardening Book — sponsored by New Mexico Book Co-op Gay/Lesbian (GLBT) Book — sponsored by Sapphire Books, Maida Tilchen, and Jean and Ross Van Dusen Health Book — sponsored by New Mexico Book Co-op History Book – Arizona subject — sponsored by Arizona Professional Writers History Book – New Mexico subject — sponsored by Bathtub Row Press, Santa Fe Public Library, Patricia Smith Wood, and Diane Layden History Book – Other — sponsored by Dave DeWitt and Dave Bushmire Juvenile Book — sponsored by New Mexico Book Co-op Multi-cultural Subject — sponsored by Santa Fe Public Library Nature/Environment Book — sponsored by Vicky Ramakka New Age Book — sponsored by Clint Bridges and Jean and Ross Van Dusen Nonfiction - other — sponsored by Artemesia Publishing Parenting/Family Issues Book — sponsored by Judith McLaughlin and Daniel Godfrey Pets and Animals — sponsored by Suzanne Smith Philosophy — sponsored by Judith McLaughlin and Daniel Godfrey Poetry Book - Arizona — sponsored by Rio Grande Books Poetry Book - New Mexico — sponsored by New Mexico State Poetry Society Political Book — sponsored by and Pauline and Mel Eisenstadt Reference Book — sponsored by Jean and Ross Van Dusen Religious Book— sponsored by Judith McLaughlin and Daniel Godfrey Science — sponsored by Scott Archer Jones Self-help Book — sponsored by Mary O’Gara Spanish Language Book — sponsored by Kyea Ranch/David and Lani Kyea and Andrés Armijo Sports & Recreation — sponsored by Dave DeWitt Travel Book — sponsored by Carla Ward/Tinkertown Museum Young Adult Book — sponsored by Kinkajou Press Young Readers Book — sponsored by Rio Grande Books Best Cover Design (smaller than 6x9) — sponsored by Rio Grande Books Best Cover Design (6x9) — sponsored by Ruthe Francis Best Cover Design (larger than 6x9) — sponsored by New Mexico Book Co-op Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction — sponsored by WordHarvest Writers Workshops and Roadrunner Press Father Thomas J. Steele Award for Best History — sponsored by David and Irene Schneider Best Arizona Book — sponsored by Arizona Professional Writers Best New Mexico Book — sponsored by New Mexico Book Association Best Book — sponsored by Santa Fe Public Library and Tom Corbett and Lee Marmon

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