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My manuscript was copyrighted in 2001 (or any year before 2010); it is being published for the first time in 2010. Is this book eligible for entry? -- Yes; the important date is when it was published. If the publication date in the frontmatter of your book is between 2010 and now it is eligible.
I have a book that was originally published in 1994 and updated and reprinted in 2010; is it eligible? -- Yes, if the reprint date is noted in the frontmatter of the book.

Can I send a pdf version of my book? -- If your book is only available in computer format (pdf) it is not eligible. If you want to submit it in some bound version it can be considered.
Can I enter e-books or CD’s? -- No. But bound e-books and bound print-outs from a cd book are exceptable. Be aware that these types of books may be at a disadvantage as they may not have been designed for the format you submit.
Does the book have to be actually published? Or can one submit a completed manuscript with a copyright year of 2010? -- The book must have been published and should be available for sale through booksellers or some retail channel. Unpublished manuscripts are not eligible.
Would submitting softcover versions of a book instead of the hardcover version be a drawback or advantage for consideration of these awards by the judges? -- You may enter either PB or HB and there are no advantages or disadvantages to either version.

I am having trouble downloading the entry form. Any suggestions? -- We have found that some computer systems do not like large pdf or word documents. If this does not help your particular situation email us and we will get you a copy of the entry form.
To whom should the entry fee be made payable? -- Checks should be made payable to either the NM Book Coop or NM Book Awards.
Will I get my copies back when the contest is over? -- No. When the awards program is over they will all be donated to local libraries or literacy programs. One copy will also be used in a display of the winners which we hope to have shown in various locations.
Can I send the entry later? -- You must comply with the dates posted. Postmarked entries will be honored but after a grace period books go off to the judges.
I am coming to the NM Book Co-op Lunch. Will you take them there? -- Yes but make sure you have the correct number of copies, the proper entry fee, and that they come before the deadline for submission.

What does the entry money go toward? -- Postage/shipping to judges/readers, trophies for winners, certificates for runners up, publicity, ads, and the website.
The entry fee sounds high? -- No, it is on the low end. We want to encourage people to enter. In some book awards programs the entry fee is a high as $75 and you had to be a member of the organization (dues!) and you have to furnish 5 books.

It says beside the category “New Mexico.” Does this mean the story itself must have a NM focus or is the fact that I am a New Mexico author enough to qualify me to enter my book? -- The NM Book Awards are open to authors and publishers from New Mexico or that have significant content related to New Mexico; books must have some connection to the New Mexico, either as subject, author, or publisher. As such if you live in New Mexico, any book you write should qualify.
What are the guidelines for the award? -- The awards are honoring New Mexico books so books have to be by a New Mexico author, published with a New Mexico publisher/press, about New Mexico, or you or the book has some direct connection to New Mexico.
Who enters the book - author or publisher? -- Traditionally the publisher enters. Call them. If they are reluctant, do it yourself. The publisher has the books so talk to them and they may give you books free to enter if you do the work.

If one enters several categories, does one need to send three books for each category? -- No; you need to send 3 copies for the first category; if you enter more than one category send one additional copy for each additional category for the same book. If you do not send the proper number of copies for each submission, judges will not have copies to evaluate.
Is there an advantage to entering more than one category? -- Yes there is. With all book awards contests, if a category doesn’t have many entries your book will stand out. Do not enter a category that your book does not work in because may not evaluate well if it does not fit.

Can an individual publisher be a sponsor? -- Any organization (including a publisher) can be a sponsor. But a publisher cannot submit any entries in the category they sponsor.
Is there still room for sponsors? -- Yes, but categories are dwindling and we are sending out info with the sponsors so when you know - call us ASAP!!

Will there be an event to honor winners? -- There will be an awards banquet on Friday, November 18, 2011 to honor winners and finalists in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards Program.

I am confused; where can I get more information/help? -- Talk to us at 505/344-9382 or email us at