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Book Co-op Holds Monthly Meetings
Book publishers and authors meet each month in the Albuquerque area. The meetings are organized by the New Mexico Book Co-op. There will be a topic of discussion at each meeting; they will be casual meetings. All are welcome. Future topics will include taxes, book reviews, book fairs, and printers. Please call 505/344-9382 or email if you are coming. The location for the monthly lunch meetings is at the Golden Corral at 5207 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque. THIS IS A NEW LOCATION!!!!

Meeting Schedule
The lunch meetings begin at 11am with networking and the meeting starts at noon at the Golden Corral at 5207 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque. THIS IS A NEW LOCATION!!!!

Attendees are responsible for their own buffet lunch, tax and tip. The public is invited to attend and for more information and reservations call 505/344-9382.

Friday, May 18, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting 12 noon, Golden Corral, Albuquerque with Karen Villanueva of Albuquerque. She will talk about tips for authors and publishers for book signings and book publicity.

Karen Villanueva (Veeya-nwayva) is a publicist with more than 27 years experience in PR. She has specialized in book promotion since 1993. Her talk is "The Changing World of Bookstore Events and Media." Included in her talk: book store procedures and events, how to prepare for your talks and signings, and understanding today's media. David Corwell y Chavez will join Karen. Corwell is a pro-active and award-winning fantasy author. His short stories are published in Tales of the New Mexico Mythos ("Encounter at Boca del Diablo"), Voices of New Mexico ("Gremma's Hands"), Dia de los Muertos ("Susto"), Tales of the Talisman ("Conqueror of Shadows"), and Cloaked in Shadow: Dark Tales of Elves ("Legacy of the Quedana"). He is an avid fan of the booksigning and does very well at it.

Friday, June 22, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting 12 noon, Golden Corral, Albuquerque. Brainstorming ideas to promote the Southwest Book Fiesta.

Friday, September 28, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting 12 noon, Golden Corral, Albuquerque with Devon Skeele, the new New Mexico State Librarian, at the New Mexico State Library in Santa Fe. She will talk about upcoming plans at the state library.


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April 27, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Cindy Bellinger of Santa Fe, talking about e-books
March 23, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Vaunda Nelson, children's librarian at the Rio Rancho Public Library and an award-winning author of several books
February 24, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Michael Hice, an author's publicist from Santa Fe
January 27, 2012 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Paul Rhetts and Barbe Awalt about the 2011 NM Awards and the start of the 2012 awards program
October 28, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Renee Tambeau of Museum of New Mexico Press and Lynn Baca of SAR Press on how to survive in today's market
September 23, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Don Bullis about the NM Centennial and books
June 24, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Francoise Paheau, new owner of Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe
May 27, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg on the Tony Hillerman Workshop and the Hillerman Prize
April 22, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting, Pitch Your Book!
March 25, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with John Byram, Director of UNM Press
February 25, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with the new owners of Bookworks
January 28, 2011 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with 2011 New Mexico Book Awards
November 19, 2010 -- Annual NM Book Awards Banquet
October 22, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Elizabeth Anker of Alamosa Books
September 17, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting with Carla Aragon and Jill Lane on Alternative Marketing Ideas
July 1, 2010 -- Deadline to Enter 2010 NM Book Awards
June 25, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting -- Twitter and Facebook with Dave DeWitt and Emily DeWitt-Cisneros
June 4-5, 2010 -- 6th Annual Chama Book Fair
May 28, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting -- Author Tips for Success -- Author Panel with Don Bullis, and Nasario Garcia
April 23, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting -- Ask Anything About Publishing -- Publishers Panel with Hank Bruce, Geoff Habinger, Zelda Gatuskin
April 7-9, 2010 -- NM Library Convention, Ruidoso
March 30, 2010 -- Deadline to Enter VOICES OF NM Project
March 19, 2010 -- Monthly Co-op Meeting -- Book covers with Rex Barron and Ruthie Francis
December 11, 2009 -- NM Book Co-op Holiday Party
November 20, 2009 -- NM Book Awards Banquet
November 7, 2009 -- Book Fair in Rio Rancho -- New Mexico Authors and Artists for Literacy
October 23, 2009 -- Jan Zimmermann on Web Marketing 2.0 for Authors
September 18, 2009 -- Selling Books Outside the Bookstore Box
June 27, 2009 -- Meet the Authors Benefit for Title One Outreach at Cathedral of St. John
June 26, 2009 -- Pitch Your Book
May 22, 2009 -- Paul Rhetts on Book Publishing A to Z; What’s All This Talk About Pay to Play and POD?
April 17, 2009 -- John Stafford, New Mexico Museum Foundation Stores
March 27, 2009 -- Sabra Steinsiek and Barbe Awalt on Book Reviewer Panel
February 20, 2009 -- Southwest Writers Group with Larry Greenly
January 23, 2009 -- 2008 NM Book Awards-What We Learned & Announcement of 2009 Program; Tym Burkey, Best of Show winner, special guest
December 5, 2008 -- Book Coop Holiday Party
Friday, November 21, 2008 -- New Mexico Book Awards Banquet and Announcement of Winners
October 17, 2008 -- Christina Westbrook, executive producer for Good Day New Mexico (KOB-TV-4)
September 26, 2008 -- Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg on the Hillerman Mystery Writers Conference and the WordHarvest Writers Workshop
August 30-Sept. 1, 2008 -- Grand Opening of Flying Star Cafe in Bernalillo and Book Store
July 11-13, 2008 -- Lavender in the Village Book Display, Los Ranchos, NM
June 27, 2008 -- Publishing A to Z with Ruthe Francis and Paul Rhetts
June 6-8, 2008 -- Chama Book Fair
May 23, 2008 -- Digital Publishing on Demand with Waleed Ashoo of LithExcel
May 10, 2008 --Mother's DayBook Fair in Eldorado
April 18, 2008 -- Sandy Cline on What I Have Learned about Selling and Marketing My Book
March 28, 2008 -- Alternative Locations for Signings & Sales with David Corwell, Sabra Brown Steinsiek, Jerry Davis, Lela Belle Wolfert, and Jill Lane
March 8, 2008 -- Meet the Author Book Fair at Holy Ghost Library
February 22, 2008 -- Libraries and Book Acquisition with Judy Gibbon, Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library Advisory Board, Susan Oberlander, Director, New Mexico State Library, and Deimosa Webber-Bey, Youth Services Librarian, Rio Rancho Public Library
January 25, 2008 -- What We Have Learned from the NM Book Awards with Ruthie Francis, Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts
December 8, 2007 -- 1st Annual Holiday Book & Craft Fair at St. Johns Cathedral
November 16, 2007 -- What Sells!!! with Derek Buschmann of Borders
October 19, 2007 -- What I as a Writer from becoming a Publisher with Harry Willson of Amador Publishing
September 21, 2007 -- Weekly Alibi and Books with Stephen RobertAllen
August 24, 2007 -- Publishing A to Z Part I with Ruthie Francis and Paul Rhetts
June 22, 2007 -- Creative Book Marketing Ideas with John Kremer
May 25, 2007 -- Seling Your Books Outside the Bookstore
April 20, 2007 -- Books and POSH NM Magazine
March 23, 2007 -- How to Market Your Book Online with Jan Zimmerman
February 23, 2007 -- Books and Barnes & Noble with Sandra Williams
January 19, 2007 -- Publishers Roundtable
November 17, 2006 -- Getting Books into Rio Rancho Public Library with Daria Labinskyr
October 27, 2006 -- Jonathan Miller and selling your book
September 22, 2006 -- Books at Bookworks with Nancy Rutland
August 25, 2006 -- Copyright Law and Books with Sherri Burr
June 23, 2006 -- Getting Books into Borders with Derek Buschman and Judy Dwyer
May 26, 2006 -- Getting Publciity for your book on Radio with Larry Ahrens
April 28, 2006 -- Books and Albuquerque the Magazine with Larryl Lynch and Lexi Petronis
March 31, 2006 -- Book Marketing Roundtable
February 24, 2006 -- Printers Roundtable
January 20, 2006 -- Your Books and the NM State Library with Richard Akeroyd and Robert Upton